What happened to Spellbook’s MMO Roguelike The Yellow King?

last week, MMO Fallout Connor Mention the addition Yellow king To him Abandonware list, I remembered going to dig into this game and find out what happened. Apparently, there is nothing good.

Readers will remember that the game caught our attention Two years agoBilled as a Lovecraftian MMO by Spellbook Studios preparing for the 2020 release. Spellbook was already known as the studio behind the mobile-to-Steam MMO Infinite Black..After some delay, it rolled into Early access in February 2020The launch plan for “2021 when the community felt ready” was revised, starting here in the United States, at the very beginning of the COVID turmoil. By October 2020, the game introduced hardcore mode and Mac and Linux versions.But even then, players were pointing out Discord that the developer was disturbingly silent..

As of November 2021, all The link to that discord is broken, And could not find the server in the usual way Public search Method..The developer has not posted a message to twitter Since August 2020, and the company Facebook page There is only promotion of Infinite Black The past few years.

game is Still for sale on Steam The developers have not made it clear that they are not actively developers. Potential players will read the piles of Steam reviews, declare it dead, and warn prospective buyers. They almost look like these.

In other words, this game is one of the long-standing reasons for early access to buy nothing.


Whatever happened to Spellbook’s MMO roguelike The Yellow King?

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