What happened to the Season 8 couple in 2021?

In 2021, there were many changes in the 90-day fiance season 8 couple. This year included travel, new business opportunities, farewells and more.

Latest crops 90th fiance Season 8 stars were busy in 2021 to navigate romantic relationships, professional careers, and newly discovered fame. There have been some couples who broke up from Season 8 this year, but some are making strong progress. Many of the cast members this season are eager for a chance for 2022.

There were some compelling ones Season 8 cast coupleAlthough there were certainly some toxic relationships. Surprisingly, there were also some successful relationships that didn’t see the fans coming.It wasn’t long because they were 90th fianceHowever, for the season 8 couple, there have still been many major changes this year.

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In 2021, many cast members took advantage of the franchise’s fame. Certain savvy reality TV stars have found a way to earn time on the show. On the other hand, some people have poor franchise experience and will be happy when the new year begins.

Jovi Dufren & Yara Zaya

Jovi and Yara spent 2021 adapting to life as a new parent after the birth of their eldest daughter, Mylah. But there were other things that kept them busy this year as well. This summer Jovi and Yarra had to evacuate from Louisiana Because of Hurricane Ida-The experience of shaking Yarra revealed that she and Jobi are considering moving. The couple wants to explore overseas travel, but the family of three has been to Texas, New York and Miami this year. Yarra launched an online clothing store and a new make-up line in 2021, but both have received great criticism.

Andrew Kenton & Amira Lorisa

After dissolution 90th fiance Fortunately, in Season 8, Andrew and Amira are on different paths. Amira reportedly traveled to Canada and Las Vegas in 2021 and is dating another American man, but she hasn’t revealed much detail about the up-and-coming relationship. Amira also joined the adult video sharing platform to benefit from her franchise fame, and she was repelled by that decision. Andrew hasn’t been dating new people, but he was still busy in 2021. He lost £ 135 this year and enjoys his thinner body. Ah, Andrew was threatening his health lately Because of heart disease. Thankfully, he’s okay now.

Brandon Gibbs & Julia Torbukina

As the fans learned 90th Fiance: Are you still happy?, Julia and Brandon finally left Brandon’s parents’ home and got their own apartment this year. In the spring, Julia traveled alone to Russia. And it worried some fans about the state of her relationship.But Julia didn’t “Go to Russia” Permanently. After she returned to Brandon, Virginia, the couple made more trips. In addition to a trip to EPCOT with Brandon’s parents, Brandon and Julia took a boat cruise around Mexico and Honduras. Julia has more reasons to celebrate this year since she got her driver’s license. This made her more free.

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Rebecca Parrot & Thead Hakimi

Even if many fans doubt their relationship, Rebecca and Zied are still together and doing better than ever. Zied got his first job in the United States At a furniture show, and with the money he earned from the franchise, he bought himself a sophisticated new BMW car. The couple hinted that they were thinking of moving to Florida. But for now, they still live in Georgia. Rebecca and Geed were still under a lot of criticism and had to experience a lot of suspicion coming their way, but the couple hated them by sticking together no matter what they said. Proved.

Mike Youngquist & Natalie Moldovzewa

Mike’s relationship with Natalie collapsed this year Fortunately?, And after the show, the couple reportedly went on different paths. Mike still lives in Sequim, Washington with Natalie’s abandoned pet-a dog named Nimeria and a mouse named Lucky / Pria. Meanwhile, Natalie moved to Florida, 90 days: Single life Season 2 cast. These days she is associated with an ambitious model called Johnny. That said Natalie still has a lot of healing do.Mike was found Rock of love Star Marcia, but he does not appear to be in an official relationship at the time of this writing.

Stephanie Davison & Ryan Carr

Stephanie’s relationship with Ryan didn’t last long 90th fiance Season 8. In fact, Stephanie claimed to have broke up before filming the show, claiming that they showed everything for the camera. However, she and Ryan are still technically engaged in K1-visas. Stephanie obviously had a bad experience at the show, which means that 2021 was a difficult year for her. She was also caught up in a big scandal after claiming that the wellness shots sold by her med-spa could cure COVID-19. Fans accused Stephanie of her fraudulent allegations, and the Michigan Attorney General threatened to take legal action even if she did not withdraw her statement.Things got worse Stephanie after the death of the cat Cooper Just before his 20th birthday. Ryan, on the other hand, seems to have spent most of 2021 drinking beer on the beach.

Tariq Myers & Hazel Kagaritan

Hazel and Tarick were a difficult year that began with the time at the show. Tarick had a pretty bad experience with his castmates and called them “Lie friend” When “Whimsical.. There was also a problem with brewing in the relationship between Tarick and Hazel. Recently, the two have begun to follow and unfollow each other on Instagram. As a result, Tarick “hasels”Snake“, Implied that the two were disbanded. Later, Tarick revealed that Hazel lived in another state and claimed that she would return to the Philippines. Tarick still seems to have feelings for Hazel, but their relationship seems to be over.

2022 is just around the corner. the 90th fiance 8 stars in season I’m taking stock last year. Some of them achieved much in 2021 in terms of financial success and strengthening their relationships. Fortunately, some of them enjoyed living as a couple away from the camera. On the other hand, some cast members are pleased that they have succeeded by 2021 and are nearing the end of the year. 2021 may have been difficult, but at least now it’s (almost) over.

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