What if Far Cry 6 became a battle royale instead of a ghost recon?

I’m really pretty excited Ghost Recon Frontline.. Sure, I’m not really a fan of Ghost Recon, so years of suspicious genre shifts didn’t upset or offend me like many of the official Ghost Recon subreddits. .. However, while quietly excited about the fresh Battle Royale from Triple A Publisher, Ghost Recon is not a series to try this experiment.

Ten years have passed since May 2022, the last truly tactical Ghost Recon game, Future Soldier. Before you start your next experiment, why not tell the community what you are looking for? Ubisoft’s determination to ignore the intensive single-player experience that created IPs like Ghost Recon and Splinter Cell is becoming more and more confusing, especially in the world of remakes and reboots. Trend tracking is over and traditional single-player games are back – see Jedi: Fallen Order, God of War, Cyberpu – ok, not, but there are plenty of examples.

And in the case of Ubisoft Must Have a battle royale tied to a major IP (sleep peacefully, Hyper Scape-I still say you did dirty) and there are many more candidates. Just dance? Crew? watch dogs?Okay, probably not they.. Take a quick look at Ubisoft’s IP catalog, Rainbow Six. No, it’s an already successful multiplayer game. Sprinter cell?It will just recreate the grudge of the fans Frontline closed test delayed..The division may already have a battle royale game HeartlandThat’s it. Well, there is always a Rabbits license …

But there is another outlook. How about Far Cry? Yeah, if the next Far Cry game jumps in front of Ubisoft’s desperate, sweaty, do you need to succeed in Battle Royale to save the embarrassed Ghost Recon fans? Or… It may work.

Lots of big and exotic things Open world A map that is a staple of this genre.The shoot feels pretty good, and thanks Far Cry 6, There is a selection of modular attachments that are perfect for fleshing out your loot table. There are also land, sea and air vehicles with controls refined in the last few entries and self-driving mechanics that allow the driver to fire sidearms while avoiding zones. Wingsuits, parachutes, grappling hooks and ziplines give you more ways to avoid harsh environments than games like Warzone or PUBG. Therefore, the zone is a dead end or a crowded area.

Take a bait that can be thrown like Far Cry 4. That way, you can get the leopard to do a dirty job.

Battle royale game Since it’s been mainstream for four years, Far Cry needs some twist to stand out. That’s where the ferocious and adorable animal companion comes in.Obviously, everyone has their own tiger, crocodile, grizzly bear, or Combat Ondori It’s completely chaotic, so some shortages need to be involved. Ubisoft can follow in the footsteps of Activision (Editor: Not yet), You can add vendors around the map, buy fangs for rent and spawn for a limited time.

You can buy an eagle soaring overhead to give your team a few minutes of passive reconnaissance, or spatter on a powerful bear that can enter the battle on your behalf. A stealth beast like a mountain lion? It locks enemies in place and gives them the ability to gradually exhaust their health. This can easily be dealt with by a vigilant team that sticks together, but punishes GungHo players.

Far Cry 6 Crocodile Guapo

If this seems like a daunting task, Ubisoft doesn’t really work necessary Doing something to integrate the animals into the Far Cry battle royale. Carry it over from Far Cry 6 and let it go. Each match feels different when there are deadly predators who roam the map and choose to fight the players.

Battle Royale scenarios could be the perfect home for Far Cry’s increasingly confusing tones

With the roots of immersive sims, the Far Cry series also has many other systems that can bring new life to the Battle Royale format. Fire propagation allows players to experiment with area denials and change terrain to their advantage. Weapons deteriorate as you use them, and can eventually become clogged, like Far Cry 2. Get the leopard to do a dirty job with a bait that can be thrown like FarCry4.

The Far Cry series boasts a rich system that not only can be inserted directly into the Battle Royale mold, but can also diversify it and bring the right amount of innovation to stand out in a crowded multiplayer space.

Far Cry 6 zipline

Even better, the Battle Royale scenario could be the perfect home for Far Cry’s increasingly confusing tones. Ubisoft evoked a real-world political story in marketing and urgently needed a separation from a real-world-influenced setting that enjoyed the ridiculous.favorite Macarena gun When Cockfighting mini-game inspired by Tekken.. There must be some midpoint between this and the fellow Special Forces Stick, who has ghostly decapitated.

So far, Far Cry’s spin-off has taken us 10,000 years before the neon-filled future dystopia, the apocalyptic wasteland, and the birth of Christ. Why don’t you try Battle Royale next time?

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