What if Shang-Chi’s new weapon …?Hero to mainstream reality

Xiangqi’s Luguo Coin is Marvel’s What If …? It’s a great way to showcase a mix of old and new characters. In the mainstream Marvel universe.

warning!spoiler Marvel’s Voice: Identity # 1 Less than!

XiangqiThe latest adventure in which he will own an artifact that can bring Marvel what if…? A letter to mainstream continuity. Xiangqi encounters Luguo Coin on a mission to collect powerful magical artifacts created by his father. This will cause him to fight himself from his worst enemy, the Parallel Universe. While Shang-Chi faces a more ruthless and deadly version of himself, Ruguo Coin opens up different possibilities for different Marvel Doppelgangers to make cameo appearances and debuts.

Created by Steve Englehart and Jim Starlin Special Marvel Edition # 15, Xiangqi was raised by his father Immortal Wizard and Crime Ruler Chung Zhu To be a deadly assassin. Asylum after his first mission, he joined forces with his father’s enemies to oppose him, and later his worldwide trips he made him a superhero of other martial arts and Marvel. I saw him meet and fight with a hero. Overcoming team membership and the dangers of espionage like Heroes for Hire and The Avengers, Shang-Chi also helped train other heroes like Spider-Man. At the same time, he learned from the unique combat styles of other heroes. Xiangqi eventually took on the role of commander-in-chief of his father’s Five Weapons Association, trying to use it to protect all humanity, avoiding becoming like his father in the process.

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of Marvel’s Voice: Identity # 1, Gene Luen Yang and Marcus Toe’s story titled “What Is vs. What If” Xiangqi traveled to the Knights of Uatu.. After introducing himself, he tells his members that he is looking for Luogocoin, an artifact they own created by his father. Lifestyle-building monks based on renowned alien observers respect Xiangqi’s wishes and keep them out of the hands of malicious people, but as a test they subtly reveal the unique abilities of the coin. To own Ruogo Coin, Shang-Chi must face his doppelganger.

Marvel has published since 1977 what if…? The story to explore Alternative Marvel Universe It shows the various outcomes of the popular Marvel event and the impact these changes have on their world and the characters within it. Ruogo Coin creates a number of different Marvel universes that often remain unexplored, giving Marvel creators the opportunity to breathe new life into these unused characters within the context of the ever-changing mainstream Marvel universe. To provide.With marvel what if…? Now acclaimed by fans and critics, the Disney + series features Captain Britain, T’Challa’s Star-Lord, or Strange Supreme in ways that could lead to more exposure depending on their popularity. We also provide the opportunity to do so.

In the case of Xiangqi, his evil doppelganger claims that years of working with his father made him a master of the deadly path, and Xiangqi’s diverse experiences weaken him rather than strengthen him. ..Xiangqi proves he is wrong His time to fight with Marvel’s greatest hero Defeated yourself in different styles and got Luogo coins to make him a better fighter. The Knights of the Uatu Monks have issued an ominous warning to him.Please be careful, Xiangqi. What ifs are always there, with or without coins, lurking in the shadows.” appear Xiangqi Marvel Comics may learn more about the difference between “what” and “”what if…?“Faster than I expected.

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What if Shang-Chi’s new weapon …?Hero to mainstream reality

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