What is DC’s Dark Crisis Event?

* This article contains some spoilers for buildup Dark crisis When Dark Crisis # 0*

For the rest of 2022, DC Comics will be dominated by the publisher’s most important crossover for two years. It’s a big problem with anyone’s books, except the Justice League giant, whose books are significantly empty.Death of the most powerful super team on the planet Justice League # 75 Is the starting point of Dark crisis..

DC has become famous for its crisis — a huge, reality-destroying event that brings massive crossovers and even greater surprises. Like any good one, Dark crisis It poses an existential threat to the DC Multiverse. Only this time, it’s more than a sequel to what came before. Dark crisis Has roots connecting dots in the 1985s Infinite Earth CrisisAs explained in the Free Comic Book Day preview, Dark Crisis # 0..

Who hates a good crisis?

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Infinite Earth Crisis It was an inspiring and surprisingly ambitious idea. A spectacular event that not only creates fascinating moments and stunning cliff hangers, but also resets the DC Multiverse. In 1985, DC has accumulated about 50 years of continuous storytelling. Giant myths have been built around iconic characters such as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, and have challenged writers and readers.

The answer was a huge event that transcended history, the earth, and the title to provide an end and a new beginning. Writer Marv Wolfman and Penciller George Pérez have joined forces to prevent heroes and villains from marching towards us on all Earths in Multiverse, 12 packed issues. Tested the limits of comic pages across.

DC magically turned that continuity issue into a big opportunity. It played a vital role in the rise of the great cartoon crossover and was an important indicator and symptom of the modern arrival of cartoons. The multiverse of colorful kryptonite and the last son of Krypton’s bizarre extended family will be wiped out.The characters we knew were repainted and refined for modern sensibilities, as some ominous clouds appeared on the horizon with names such as: Watchmen, Dark Knight Returns, When Sandman..

At crossover events that increase sales and promote titles, DC isn’t the only one, but you’ll be returned to this particular template several times. Each crisis promises to refresh the cartoon line and introduce new characters.When Dark crisisDC found a way to link them all.

The collapse of the dark crisis

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Dark crisisThe biggest crossover event since DC The Dark Knight: Death Metal, It is being marketed as a crisis to end them all.They may have been infinite When Last Previously, but Dark crisis The panout is different.

Since it starts with the collapse of the Justice League, Dark crisis It starts like a typical aftermath story arc. Discover which Earth-0 hero will fill the more familiar face as it protects the Multiverse from the dark powers of the villain Pariah.

Paria debuted at Infinite Earth Crisis His villain is new, but it has become a staple of events that threaten the Multiverse. He was an excellent scientist from another dimension called Kermosa, who, like the Greek giant Prometheus, warned about the consequences of being too knowledgeable.His successful attempt to see the creation of the universe Infinite Earth CrisisAnti-Monitor, a great villain for destroying his planet.

Monitor, the enemy of the universe, saved Mossa, but there was a catch. Renamed Paria, he witnessed the destruction of the Earth one after another and was destined to travel through the Multiverse. For years, Paria left his guilt behind, Infinite CrisisResurrection during non-crisis Blackest Night Ark, and a twisted resurrection inside Flash point.. It led him to the dark road, but it turned out that Paria and his well-known villain army were just puppets for the greater evil, even closer to the previous crisis.

Great darkness

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Great darkness is definitely The ultimate evil of the DC Universe..It first appeared on the page Swamping Volume 2What looked like a speculative grab during the culmination of Infinite Earth Crisis.. Dark crisis Make sure this evil force is actually operating Anti-Monitor behind the scenes and hasn’t stopped promoting the crisis ever since.

Is Great Darkness really so bad? You can do so, like the darkness that was born when your presence said, “May there be light.” After many unsuccessful attempts to shape the Multiverse into its design Dark crisis Great Darkness is a one-time attempt to deal with the main threat of superheroes. It was a big accumulation.

Permanent crisis

A good crisis cannot be suppressed. The definition is strict, but there is always room for one more thing. Not all DC crossover events or multiversal changes are at stake.Some emotional crises are focused on the morality of being a superhero: Identity crisis When Endangered hero.. The convergence With DC Rebirth Doomsday ClockInstalling Watchmen in the DC Universe is an important DC milestone that looked like a crisis, but they only reinforce the specific crisis they have fixed.

Messed up? please do not. The seven major crises that led to the Dark Crisis and their impact on the DC Multiverse are:

Infinite Earth Crisis (1985)

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The original epic, change of universal event that resets 50 years of DC continuity. A busy and complex story of comic silver age and modern age clashing, dotted with commentary at astounding moments.

The result is a reconstructed DC universe without the Multiverse, which has been nourishing for over 20 years. Few characters remember the old Multiverse, as familiar heroes have received new origins on the new Earth.

Zero Hour: Time Crisis! (1994)

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An event that sets a template for a hero to become a villain.In fallout from Superman’s reignThe legendary Green Lantern Hal Jordan was influenced by the great enemy of the Guardian of Space Parallax. The confused and omnipotent fallen hero tried to recreate the universe and correct the mistakes of the past.

The result is a new fluid timeline and a revised alternative universe. The new scale kept the DC history associated with the current event. Corps of superheroes It was restarted and many characters received updated origins during the following zero months.

Infinite Crisis (2005)

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After 20 years and a soft reset, DC continuity was rebuilt. In between the crises, Superman died and Batman was broken. In this sequel to the original crisis, creators Geoff Johns and Phil Jimenez turn the heroes of the first crisis against reality as they embark on recreating the Multiverse to find the perfect Earth. did. At the center was another clash between the idyllic Golden Age and the Silver Age and the more severe modern times.

The result was an unstable new multiverse and a time jump a year later, filled with weekly series. 52 52 The continuity has been reformed and the countdown has begun …

Final Crisis (2008)

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Highly predicted by an early reference to the Infinite Crisis as a midlife crisis, Final Crisis It was masterminded by the visionary Grant Morrison of Multiversal. The Dark Side played a central role in this crisis when the New Gods fell and the evil god tried to rule the reality.

As a result, the position of New Earth in the Multiverse was reset, and the monitor was terminated.

Flash point (2011)

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Geoff Johns’ second crisis is flash Adaptation on small and large screens. Barry Allen’s misfortune at Speed ​​Force and its distorted history have become the watchwords of substitute reality and time tampering with the DC Multiverse.

The result is a fundamentally and rigorously depicted multiverse of the 52 Earths and a redefined continuity through the launch of the New 52 of DC.

The Dark Knight: Metal (2017)

The Dark Knight: Metal # 1
Image via DC Comics

A fresh and metallic reset after the rapid crisis when Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo masterminded Batman laughing at the attack on the Multiverse. Bruce Wayne of the Dark Multiverse, who succumbed to the vicious form of this darkest Batman, the Joker Toxin, had other Dark Knights consume the Multiverse on behalf of the bat god Barbatos.

As a result, the protective source wall that kept the Multiverse safe was torn from what was beyond the darkness.

The Dark Knight: Death Metal (2020)

Image via DC Comics

Snyder and Capulo completed the story by returning to the crossover epic after a glorious stint in the Justice League. When the infected Earth falls into the dark and the laughing Batman collapses, the strangest crisis to date is set.

As a result, the new Earth is removed from the center of the Multiverse, allowing the mysterious balance of Elseworlds. Infinite Frontier The times.

When those crises are at a loss, you’re ready Dark crisis An event to be held from May to December 2022. The question is whether the DC Multiverse is prepared in the same way.

What is DC’s Dark Crisis Event?

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