What is the best monitor for the Xbox Series X?

What is the best monitor for the Xbox Series X?Illustration of the article titled

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The Xbox Series X is a rectangular monster in terms of technical specifications. Microsoft’s new console supports 4K and has the ability to output at 120Hz. This is all exciting for technical gamers who need PC-level power on their home video game consoles. There is only one pitfall. It’s hard to find a display option that can harness all its power at startup. For those who want to play on a monitor instead of a TV, Series X offers potential buyers a lot to consider before buying.

Buying the right monitor to get the most out of your Series X is a difficult balancing act. The higher the resolution, the lower the refresh rate tends to be. In other words, it can be difficult to find something that outputs at 120Hz while playing at 4K. That may not be a big deal in the future, but early adopters may need to sacrifice one and buff the other without breaking the bank or selling their souls to the devil’s entity. not.

So what’s the best monitor for your Xbox Series X?Some can display games like Assassin’s Creed Valhara Full and bloody details with true 4K resolution, others raise the frame rate bar, Dirt 5 For a spectacular experience. Is there anything that can do justice and actually display the Series X Games as intended, without having the player wait three years for the technology to catch up?

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