What is the best scratch post for cats?

What is the best scratch post for my beautiful cat?Illustration of the article titled

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Life hasn’t changed enough in 2020, so I decided to have my first pet at the end of last year. My new criminal partner is a small black and white rescuer named Mira, an angel on Earth. Mira is a pretty cool one year old and is not gradual in almost everything. On New Year’s Eve, she watched all the fireworks outside without fear of loud noises. Her favorite activity is to be on the couch. That said, occasionally the switch switches in her brain, and like most cats, she goes into the hyperdrive. There is nothing safe from her little nails, except one that is specially designed for her to scratch.

So I’m coming to you for help, my fellow cat owner. What kind of scratch post does your cat like to tear into small pieces? There are various ways to get this prompt.There is a traditional one Scratch the post It acts as an obelisk in a large apartment for cats to bow. Some are your average cat poles, but others have built-in additional toys.Then there are more complex solutions such as Multi-layer cat tower A scratch post is built in as a support. They are essentially a palace that has everything your spoiled companion can ever ask for.

There are also much simpler and cheaper options to consider.Some cats are a little happy Cardboard bed A flat mat that they can choose. There are some give-and-takes as these are the types of solutions that can be a bit tedious or require regular replacement. Then there’s a clever idea to avoid the scratch problem altogether. Couch shield Or Adhesive tape.. I’m not personally trying to go that route, but is it really working, or is it just encouraging cats to be more annoying in a creative way? I’m interested.

With your help, Mira can kick the habit of scratching this armchair and tear and change other unsuspecting furniture. Here are some rules for first-time co-op responders while you think about that question.

1) Recommendations should include the name of a particular scratch post (or other scratch solution), why you think it’s best, links to buy, and images.

2) You can recommend multiple products, but please put each in a separate comment.

3) Vote for someone else’s nomination.

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