What is the best soundbar for under $ 200?

With TechDad ™, holiday shopping can be expensive and elusive as you buy almost everything yourself. But this year we are looking at our goals.Because my wife is reviewing so many Soundbar Recently he Naturally want One for every room.And I don’t know if I can afford it completely To meet that demand, he said he would buy a soundbar for less than $ 300, preferably less than $ 250.he Consider pickup Include Roku Streambar When released on Black Friday /Briber Weekend/ Cyber ​​Monday However, he says he doesn’t need streaming because it’s already built into the TV.

He plays games, but my dad is in his mid-50s and most of the time he plays the sounds of shows and movies Integrated TV speakers.surely It doesn’t hurt even if I pack it a little Atmos there too.After all, he mentioned the affinity for surround sound without space, budget, or cable management. 5.1 Whole set. Dolby Atmos, dual subwoofer, “Roku TV compatible” design complete next idea TCL Alto 8i, Seems to offer more audio-centric features, as opposed to streaming media.That said, I can’t find a lot of expert reviews from technicians It’s a site I go to often, so a little Pay attention to this option.

What you know now I know about my dad and my budget of about $ 200, what should I do, Co-opulace? I think the move is to swipe up on the TCL before it’s sold out, but what if it’s a hassle to use? Or is it quieter than other models in that price range? Thanks to Victoria, I’ve spent countless hours “testing” video games on her soundbar review unit, Nothing about budget categories..Everything except the stream bar Best soundbar I know I’m over that threshold and I’m at the last minute wondering what to buy my dad in time for next Christmas.

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