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Amazon Prime Video has a number of movies and TV shows that you can stream, including Amazon Originals and content from partnerships with other networks and studios. After Netflix’s success, Amazon Prime Video was the next streaming service to see great success and global expansion. Working with Hulu, Amazon Prime has provided viewers with competition and diversity.

Netflix is ​​known for its original programming in the form of television programs such as: Stranger Things, crown, Welcome to Ozark, The witcher, When Outer Banks, Amazon is better known for its success in filmmaking.The studio is recognized in the following movies Neon demon, Manchester by the Sea, Patterson, You weren’t really here, Suspiria (2018), Cold war, Honey boy, Report, When Sound of metal..

Amazon’s original TV shows are still growing, but the advantage of streaming services is access to content from other sources. Here are some of the best comedies and best drama series accessible to Amazon Prime Video subscribers.

Fleabag (((2016-2019).

Fleabag It is an adaptation of the play of a woman of the same name in Phoebe Waller Bridge. Waller Bridge Star is the main character. Support cast members and prominent guest performers include Sian Clifford, Olivia Colman, Brett Gelman, Bill Paterson, Andrew Scott, Fiona Shaw and Kristin Scott Thomas.

This series follows women who tend to be self-destructive. She often falls into a situation where she leaves scrambling to extinguish the fire before it gets burned.It also features her Slightly dysfunctional familyIncludes her stiff sister and her terrifying brother-in-law. The series is about Fleabag and her romance, as well as her relationship with her family, especially her sister Claire.

After the loss of the mother, the sisters wrestle with the person the father chose to go with. Season 1 makes fun of the tragedy involving Fleabag’s best friend. The finale is a gut punch that tears through the spiritual layers of Fleabag. The second season focuses on the love life of Fleabag when he realizes he falls in love with the priest. The series ended in high notes in Season 2.

not only Fleabag one The weirdest show on TVHowever, it is full of a kind of genuine, unpleasant melancholy that less writers may shy away from. Waller-Bridge uses humor to relieve pain, but isn’t afraid to jump into the wound when needed in the scene. Breaking the Fourth Wall, Fleabag is a mess that we must love and relate to.

American (((2013-2018).

American Follow Elizabeth (Keri Russell) & Philip Jennings (Matthew Rhys), Two KGB spies who lived deep in the United States during the Cold War. Their work constantly puts them at risk, and things get more complicated when the children are old enough to start noticing that something goes wrong with their parents.

Their neighbor and Philip’s best friend is an FBI agent named Stanbyman. He is ironically engaged in intelligence, but is unaware of many perpetrators. The crime he investigates I live directly opposite him. American According to the protagonist’s personal and professional life, each is always morally, professionally and emotionally balanced.

The creator of the series is Joe Weisberg, who previously worked as a CIA officer. He brought his knowledge to this fictional description of a Soviet spy living in the United States, giving a realistic feel to a drama that was historically accurate to politics at the time, if not completely accurate in a microscopic way. increase. I won’t say it lightly, American It may be the best drama series ever.

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What TV shows do you like to watch on Amazon Prime Video?Have you seen Fleabag Also American?? Listen to your thoughts and recommendations in the comments!

What is the best TV show on Amazon Prime Video? – Film Daily

https://filmdaily.co/news/best-prime/ What is the best TV show on Amazon Prime Video? – Film Daily

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