What is the most disliked console you have ever owned?

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This week I’m asking Kotaku: What is the most disliked console you’ve ever owned?

“The excitement of the game. The heart of the computer.” It was the slogan of Odyssey 2. “Soul of Edsel” and Vintage add.
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I was going to say Wii U. Because the system and its slow, awkward menus were very cumbersome to use. But how can I knock on a console that runs something so ridiculous? Games & Wario?? Is it at least trying to provide something like great Nintendo DS back catalog support? Do you react to the Miis crowd turning it on in a hurry to greet me in the first place? I can’t hate you, Wii U.

Should I go on the PS3 in the middle? That first slim? Which one is a bit ugly, reducing backward compatibility on the PS2? But Sony sent it to me. I don’t think I “owned” it.

Hmm. Does anyone dislike the Dreamcast controller and think the wire came out of the wrong end? Just me? Do the rest of you like Dreamcast? All right, all right. I just borrowed it from a friend. I didn’t own it either.

Can I go with Odyssey2? It wasn’t that good compared to all the other consoles I had. When the Commodore 64 came out, my game life was much better. But my parents bought an Odyssey for me. They meant well. Hmm. Am I tired of choosing this? Can I bravely go back to my certification vote and choose the original Xbox? No, you can’t sullenly ask Kotaku that way. Sorry, mom and dad, let’s keep going: Odyssey 2.

These Amiibo were more suitable.

These Amiibo were more suitable.
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Easy. Wii U. Buckle up, because I’m trying to run out of a complete list of all the games I own.

Super Smash Bros.

Last year I exchanged it for $ 60 store credit at GameStop. Rage 2 With the same exchange.

Drama: One carrion crow for PS4 that I was interested in.

Drama: One carrion crow for PS4 that I was interested in.
screenshot: Sony Interactive Entertainment


I’m taking a slightly different angle. I’m a character who owns Atari Jaguar, Panasonic 3DO, and Sega 32X, and I own two Atari Lynx instead of one. (Do you know Todd’s Adventure in Slime World Had 8 players co-op?? All of these were disappointing purchases that couldn’t provide extra fun. But apart from a short burst with Jaguar, I was very young and innocent! They didn’t disappoint me. No, that honor goes to PlayStation 4 (gasping!). That’s why I feel unhappy with it.

The PS4 is my least-played Sony console to date, not because it’s missing. I gave it to FOMO and bought it on the first day.When the nerd’s desires cleared, I soon realized I was eating a free gift Resogun And contrast For example, it’s incomparable to the launch of the legendary Dreamcast. Soul calibur And Sonic adventure.. Few wanted to play on PS4. This condition lasted for the entire life. (I’m shocked every time I hear that there are over 3,000 games on the system. It’s not true at all.)

Bloodborne It was great, and I still want to try some other Sony monopoly, but my total PS4 playtime is probably less than two weeks. Part of that was that the gaming industry was moving away from creating the types of games that thrilled me, as so many games, especially indie music, began to become multi-platform. I had a PC where those games were cheaper and usually worked better. Why lock them in their own box that will be obsolete in a few years? The PC made my PS4 80% irrelevant.

The net effect was that the PS4 felt bland, bland, bland, just another expensive game-a VCR with little identity in itself, I’m better than the others I made it like it. Sure, I still choose it over the Xbox One, because Sony has more credit for Japanese software, and the Xbox One was a sad, injured animal, especially before the game pass. Other than portable, it was a really overwhelming console generation for me.

Speaking of injured animals, I also got a Wii U at some point, but it was enough to pay for it with a Wii U-based freelance. There is a suspicious distinction that the Wii U is literally the first console I’ve ever traded in. But it didn’t have to go down as much as the PS4, so it wasn’t too disappointing. I hate being disappointed and uninterested.It’s not the worst qualitatively on the PS4, mine person you dislike Owned console.

Select 3DS, any 3DS. Well, that's not it. Wait for a new model.

Select 3DS, any 3DS. Well, that’s not it. Wait for a new model.
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I’ve only bought a good console so far and it includes a release version of the Xbox One (Luke going to hellWhat I bought was used super cheap a few years later and eventually grew into a very good Netflix box, which also became the home of the game’s first true Netflix. But I’m a digression.

The worst console I’ve ever bought was the distant 3DS. I didn’t even buy it at launch because there was no game and Nintendo gave every early adopter a lot of free stuff. A few years later, I bought the library because it was decent, but it was still aggressively overwhelming. The 3D effect was unpleasant when it was completely useless. The form factor itself was cramped, struggling with my hands, eyes, and my patience. In addition, the clam shell hinges quickly loosened. Now I have a much better 2DS. I love it when Nintendo implicitly admits that the original idea is crap, like when the Wii U was bombed. Therefore, the company decided to remove the controller and sell the upgraded version separately. genius. It is different from 3DS.

Do you remember 2006?

Do you remember 2006?
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I tend to love a lot about most consoles I buy. Even the PS3 was a console that I didn’t really care about, had some great games, and could be played online for free when I didn’t have a debit card or money. But there’s one of the consoles I owned, which I’ve never liked and is now disappointed with the Wii.

Stop! Before leaving an angry comment or tweet, let me say three things: Super Mario Galaxy Great. Boom Blocks Domination.And Wii Sports A real classic worth remembering.

The console was messed up because it didn’t get in the way. Yes, some great games have been released. But it also became an unstimulated, terrible shovelware dump. And it was quickly left behind and lacked the power needed to run them, so I missed many great third-party games. Needless to say, the game never looked good. I remember trying to look good on HDTV and failing. And when I switched my Xbox 360, it became difficult to get back to the Wii’s blurry low resolution visuals. Motion control was fine in very specific games, but I felt it was inaccurate or too unreliable for use in many other games.

But you know, it gave us two of the best video game songs ever recorded.I say nothing bad Mii Creator Music Or Wii Shop Channel Theme.. In fact, these songs are so good that the Wii may not be considered my most disappointing console … choose the PSP instead!

Mysterious revocation of Nintendo's industrial design.

Mysterious revocation of Nintendo’s industrial design.
image: Nintendo


I loved all the video game consoles I’ve ever purchased. There was a few days of excitement following the acquisition of all other electronic gaming devices, but some were completed within hours of taking them home. I’m awkward, at a strange angle, talking about the original Nintendo DS, which isn’t closed and safe.

For one thing, I never got this design. I call it retrofuturism, but it seems to be a lofty term for what appears to be cobbled together as props for low-budget sci-fi movies of the 90’s. Why is there a weird dip where there is control? Why is it a curve? Why didn’t you close it flat? Basically, why wasn’t there the Nintendo DS Lite that appeared two years later in 2006 to correct the mistakes of its predecessor?

Two may have selected the wrong launch game. Madden NFL 2005 The DS was great. Super Mario 64 DS It was a good port of the game I didn’t like.Remember Sega’s Girlfriend Simulator Feel the magic: XY / XX?? So that may be the case now, but before that. number.

Subsequent versions of the DS (Lite, XL, 3DS) have become part of my favorite gaming device. It was a really, really rough start.

How about you?

KotakuWeighed, but what do you think? Have you ever regretted buying a console? Or it may not be. Please give us your opinion! We’ll be back next Monday to discuss and discuss another otaku issue. See you in the comments!

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