What is the resolution of video games in 2021?

What is the resolution of 2021 video games?Illustration of the article titled

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Year of reviewYear of reviewLook back at the highs, lows, surprises, and outstandings of this year’s video games and their surroundings.

Game resolution? Well, I really want to go all-in in 4K … wait a minute. what’s that?Oh, my editor says we cracked this exact joke more or less last year.. And that’s a bad thing. And I should feel sick. (I don’t regret anything.)

New Year is usually a period of new start and coordinated perspective. “New Year, new you”, all that jazz. However, it is difficult to collect such optimistic glitz this year. A wide range of solutions, such as traveling, exercising in the gym, adjusting work-life balance, and pretending to be tourists in your city, are currently off the table. Such a brave proclamation fails, to say the least, because no one knows when the life we ​​know will return to the life we ​​know. But video games are completely, Ahem, A fair game. (I haven’t regretted anything yet.)

“I’m going to play more games,” my colleague Ethan Gack tells me. “I say this every year, but this time it means. This means fewer games to complete, especially large, padded open world games, and endless same missions like this: It means reducing the time it takes to run many times as a predator. Destiny 2.. It also means limiting online multiplayer sessions to the time you actually have friends. How many ultra-short indie games could you try in the two hours it took you to lower your rank again while playing? Rocket league solo? But most of the time, this means less unintentional scrolling on my phone. The week between Thanksgiving and Christmas is always a race. I say it’s great because I try to catch up with every game that everyone has spent all year long. Holidays should be a time to relax and get a feel for life. It doesn’t pull a clam session like the finals, as it did when Eggnog embarked on an additional death march. I love games. I want to play more games. In 2021 I will finally do so. “

“I want to spend less time reading about the game and more time playing the game,” says colleague Alexandra Hall. “I’m having a lot of trouble getting things started, but once I get over that first hump, I’m fine. Somehow I enjoyed watching five movies last week and spent 35 hours. Counted Demon’s Soul.. So maybe I have some momentum! I also want to check out shorter indie games instead of forever rotting the game in Steam’s “Let’s Try ♥” category. “

“My determination is to end the game I actually play,” says colleague Ash Parrish. “Even the games I really play Really It feels like it’s nearing the end and stopping for no unexpected reason. You may be unknowingly scared of the end of a good time, or you may be overplayed and naturally tired and just before the end. However, in 2021, we plan to roll back credits in more games. I’m also plagued by this mysterious curse, and I’ll try to complete more games next year.

Let me start it from the end Mass effect 2 (((For the first time), Really, I promise, and then do it again Legendary Edition Roll as part of a crazy dash in addition to the original trilogy Andromeda Before next Mass effect drop. I also want to play games online with more friends.Rampage outside Division 2 In the spring, I didn’t do enough this year to curate a group of peers. If couch co-operatives remain redundant throughout most of next year, as most of this year was, their social ties are welcome.Anyway, please let me know if you want to play Outriders During February!!

I was also impressed This Lee Alexander column From 10 years ago to today, we have been looking for some common game-related solutions. Some of the proper nouns are from the times (see: Farmville), But the core advice is still sound: don’t judge someone’s taste, live according to the golden rule, diversify your interests, remember that the game is made by humans, And above all, enjoy something like this. I know I can do better with some of them, especially the last one. We were all possible to some extent.

Now it’s your turn. How do you want to play, feel and change your mind next year? What goals (noble or well-founded, game-related, or more common) will be achieved in 2021 when the clock is at midnight?

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