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One of the most important aspects of SEO is to ensure that your content is crawled and indexed by search engines. In fact, without content in the index, your website can’t generate any traffic from your search. However, indexing is not always a fast process. There are many factors that affect the speed at which search engines index your website. What if there is a quick way to index content? That’s where IndexNow comes in.

The Importance of SEO Indexing

Search engines need to crawl and index your web pages before people can search your content. Once the content is indexed, the ranking process begins.

Search engines start by sending crawlers, following hyperlinks, and discovering new content (and updating old content). After the crawler finds the page, it reports what it finds to the search engine and creates an index. While indexing, search engines read and analyze the content, media, tags, etc. of the page. Search engines store all this information in a huge database called an “index.”

Why you need IndexNow

In today’s competitive online space, indexing content is important to staying high on search engines. The faster your content is indexed, the faster it will be ranked and the more likely it will be displayed correctly in SERP.Of course you need Great content to rankBut that’s another story.

But there is a problem here. You can’t control how fast search engines index your website. It can take days or weeks for search engines to crawl and index new pages. This all depends on many factors, including the size of your website, its permissions, and its complexity.

Imagine you own an online store that sells clothes and there are some new arrivals for the next season. I’ll update the store with the latest products, but the changes will only appear in search engines after two weeks. In the meantime, you may have lost traffic and potential sales to your competitors. No one likes it when this happens.

So, to streamline this process and speed up indexing, Microsoft and Yandex have worked together to create a new protocol called IndexNow.

So what is IndexNow?

IndexNow is an open source protocol This allows web publishers to notify participating search engines about the latest updates to their website. Simply put, it’s a simple ping to notify search engines that a URL and its content have been added, updated, or deleted. Search engines can then quickly submit bots to crawl, index, and reflect changes.

What is the difference between IndexNow?

Search engines retrieve index data in two ways: pull and push. Traditionally, search engines have visited sites, crawled web pages, and “pulled” data into the index.

Push indexes are when a user or CMS notifies a search engine about new changes in a particular URL. The IndexNow protocol follows a different push index than the traditional “pull” model. You don’t have to rely on the search engines that come to your website to find out what’s new. Instead, they will ask them to come to you when the content changes.

However, the really impressive things about the IndexNow protocol are: When you send URLs to participating search engines via the IndexNow API, those URLs are sent to all other search engines at the same time using the protocol. It also automatically alerts participating search engines when it notifies the IndexNow API of an update.

Which search engines are participating in the IndexNow protocol?

Microsoft and Yandex were the first two search engines to fully participate in IndexNow. Together, they announced the IndexNow protocol in October 2021. As of June 2022, the list of participating search engines includes Microsoft Bing, Yandex, and Seznam.

Google is not currently part of this initiative because its crawl mechanism is very efficient and the company continues to improve its crawl efficiency. but, Google confirmed that the company will test IndexNow protocol. Therefore, Google may join the protocol in the future.

How can IndexNow help?

The IndexNow protocol has the potential to accelerate the evolution of pull-to-push indexing. You don’t have to wait for search engines to come and pray for them to pick up the correct change. Instead, you can direct them to the actual change and instruct them to crawl and index only that.

However, the main advantage of IndexNow is that it reduces the time between an update being made and the search engine detecting the update. This means you can quickly index your content on all participating search engines. Needless to say, it helps streamline the process of finding new content and make the web more efficient while reducing energy usage.

Search engine Use a lot of energy for crawl activities, But they are not exactly efficient. You may crawl the page multiple times a day, even if the page is not new. This is a waste of energy. With the IndexNow protocol, search engine bots do not have to perform exploratory crawls to determine if a page has been refreshed. This offloads unwanted sites, reduces energy consumption, and allows the server to operate more efficiently.

IndexNow integration with Yoast SEO

There are a few things you need to do to configure your website to use the IndexNow API. But if that sounds complicated, don’t worry, there are workarounds. Yoast will start integrating with IndexNow. YoastSEO Premium.. It is automatically activated so you can start using IndexNow on your website right away. Ping IndexNow each time you publish or update your content. You don’t have to do anything — everything works quietly in the background. Stay tuned for this feature as it will be released in the next update of Yoast SEO Premium.

What it is and how it helps you • Yoast What it is and how it helps you • Yoast

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