What Kingpin was doing after the Battle of New York

The new Hawkeye removal scene, which appeared online, reveals what Wilson Fisk / Kingpin was doing in the aftermath of the New York battle at The Avengers.

Scenes deleted from Hawkeye Shows Kingpin doing business after the Battle of New York the Avengers..Originally debuted Marvel TV and Netflix characters daredevil Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) rival Vincent D’Onofrio was given the opportunity to continue playing the villain on the MCU even after the show was cancelled.His appearance Hawkeye Not only will he establish his position in the franchise, but he will also set his future story in the franchise.

It’s been 4 years since daredevil The rest of the Marvel TV and Netflix slate Inadvertently canceled to give way to Disney +.. After a successful run on the big screen, Marvel Studios wanted to create a show specifically for the House of Mouse streaming service. Unlike other Marvel shows under Netflix daredevil The highly acclaimed Season 3 finale effectively acted as a solid series capper and was actually very well organized. But given its quality storytelling, fans wanted the series to come back. That hasn’t happened exactly yet, but the fact that D’Onofrio plays Kingpin was a great development for the movement.

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The appearance of Fisk in the main MCU is the world of post-infinity Saga Hawkeye.. However, the character is still the boss of the New York criminal organization, as shown in the flashback scene in the series focused on Echo (Alaqua Cox).Now fans can see details of Kingpin’s past, especially what he is doing following Loki (Tom Hiddleston) in New York. the AvengersThanks to the deleted scenes shared on Twitter @Zeus_TheAlpha.. Among them, the ruler of crime meets for the first time when Eleanor Bishop (Vera Farmiga) takes over the position of her deceased husband in a villain’s organization. Check it out below:

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It’s worth noting that it’s not yet clear if Marvel Studios simply adapted. daredevilIf the Kingpin version, or their iterations, are different. When the Marvel TV and Netflix projects were developed, they were initially planned to connect to larger MCUs. but, daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron fistWhen Luke Cage Religiously Referenced events from their movie counterparts, especially New York Battle at the Avengers, There are no concrete signs that they are part of the main MCU. In any case, given the growth of the Multiverse, Marvel Studios can easily explain that the Marvel TV / Netflix branch exists in another dimension. D’Onofrio has confirmed that it’s the same iteration, but it’s best to wait for the official words of Kevin Feige and his team on this issue.

Besides Donofrio, Cox is back as Matt Murdock. Spider-Man: No Way Home.. This effectively confirms that, sooner or later, their paths will eventually cross again, assuming the actors are playing different versions of the old Marvel characters.For now, this Hawkeye Deleted scenes support D’Onofrio’s revelation Thanos (Josh Brolin) Snap In fact Fisk lost his empire. Unlike his more physical and brutal behavior at the show, the aforementioned clip shows that he is calm and collected by knowing that he is still in power. increase.

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Source: @Zeus_TheAlpha

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What Kingpin was doing after the Battle of New York

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