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Today is American Thanksgiving. I am one of many people who choose not to celebrate holidays in large family gatherings (hopefully dear God).It’s terrible, but it’s a sacrifice needed to make us all safe, healthy, and able to do it. alive To spend the next Thanksgiving together.

It’s been a while since my big family got together and had a good old Thanksgiving meal, even if we didn’t have the ghosts of Covid hanging. I miss my mother’s turkey and my aunt’s dressing (she always made two types, oysters and non-oysters). I miss my other aunt Collard Green, her black-eyed peas, and her sweet potatoes with marshmallows and pecans. Above all, I miss Grandma’s dinner roll, which no one has been able to reproduce since she died last January.

Some of us spend the day with a video game family rather than a real family because of co-imposed isolation and other bittersweet reasons. This is what my video game family will bring to the Thanksgiving feast.

Barret Wallace does not cook.

Barret Wallace does not cook.
screenshot: square Enix

Barret Wallace (FINAL FANTASY VII Remake)

This guy doesn’t cook. There is no way to know if he simply can’t or can’t. If he can’t do it in the microwave, it won’t. He relies on others, especially women, to feed his children. Not because he was out of date thinking about the role of gender, but because in the depths of his past, the kitchen morally mistreated him and then quit cooking forever.

He can bake him Butt But off. Thanksgiving, but expect the perfect brisket.

Cook a mean Thanksgiving dinner and offer history lessons on top of it.

Cook a mean Thanksgiving dinner and offer history lessons on top of it.
screenshot: theRadBrad (((Fair use)

Grace Walker (Wolfenstein: New Colossus)

Gracewalker is a kind of black aunt who curses and makes a fuss about Thanksgiving feasts with cigarettes in his hands all the time without spilling ashes.She is the only aunt she can Cook He is a chef and the only person privileged to make macaroni and cheese.It’s ridiculous to ask her for a recipe — measurements, timing, and ingredients change according to her will — but it’s very sorry for the same taste good every time. There’s a reason your older relatives don’t eat macaroni, cheese doesn’t prepare her hands, and verbally destroys anyone trying to take her divine position. I don’t eat pork.

Aunt Bougie.

Aunt Bougie.
image: Super giant game

Athena (Hades)

Athena is an aunt Bougie who thinks she is better than anyone else because she has a high degree and studied abroad in Greece for several years. She occasionally puts ducks out of celebrations to put out the fire at work by “benefiting”. I don’t know what she’s doing, but it feels like all her colleagues are jerky.

She brings the cookies she bought at the store for desserts that no one eats.

Almost grown, but according to my grandmother, she is a

It’s almost growing, but according to my grandmother, it’s a “baby” in the family.
screenshot: Teltail Games

Clementine (walking Dead)

Like Barrett, she doesn’t cook. I have never learned. Feed yourself exclusively through DoorDash. She is very kind, but she always wants to help in the kitchen. Aunt Grace often kicks her out because she’s in the way. The family patriarch accuses her of “screaming at the baby.”

He is not allowed to give grace at the table.

He is not allowed to give grace at the table.
image: BioWare

Karen Rutherford (Dragon Age: Inquisition)

Karen is a white boyfriend that everyone accepts because she is cute, deeply Religious. You must be told to take off his shoes. I wonder where all the casseroles are.

Challenge this guy to your endangered family card game.

Challenge this guy to your endangered family card game.
image: square Enix


Sazh is an uncle who claims that everyone calls him “unc”. He is the uncle of the party and the DJ of Thanksgiving. I often put on old hits that everyone knows, but still say, “What do you know about this here?” To his young niece and nephew. Worship his little son.

Bring nothing but the deck of cards.will murder The whole family of Spades.

A little sad, Clementine brought him home.

A little sad, Clementine brought him home.
image: Super giant game

Prince Zagreus (Hades)

A friend of Clementine’s school looked a little sad and pitiful, so she took him home. Somehow it’s connected to Athena, but neither is detailed. I don’t like answering questions about his family.I don’t have food, but I will bring it Bitchin Bottle something Everyone wants to try it.

It won’t last long.

A foreign student that everyone immediately loves.

A foreign student that everyone immediately loves.
screenshot: Sega

Kazuma Kiryu (Yakuza 0)

Foreign Students? No one knows how he got there seriously, but no one cares because he’s a very sweet boy. It looks tough, but I’m still playing with all my cousins. Big mom asks him if she can fix the plate. He is now your brother.

Aunt Grace tried to shout out, but then Zavala sweated and left.

Aunt Grace tried to shout out, but Zavala sweated away.
screenshot: Bungee

Commander Zavala (Destiny 2)

You can throw it in the kitchen. Make collard green. One with ham hooks and the other without Auntie Grace. She is impressed with his compassion and tries to slip his number on him. Zavala makes a strange excuse for “Europe” and “protection of humanity” and breaks out of the back door.

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