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The next Detroit Lions general manager will be hard to decide right away.

The· Detroit Lions‘There are currently two games in the season. That’s when we start talking about off-season moves that teams should or shouldn’t do.Besides who the next general manager and next head coach are, quarterbacks Matthew Stafford The next big off-season question.

I don’t think this question is what Lions want to do at Stafford. It should be more about what the new administration thinks they have.

If the new general manager and head coach feels the team can make the playoffs quickly, keep Stafford. However, if you’re four to five years away, you need to focus on finding your next franchise quarterback.

We fans love everything about Stafford. He was injured and played, showed toughness, and took the Lions to the playoffs three times. And perhaps most importantly, he shows his love for us, this city, and this franchise.

Difficult truth

The fact of the matter is that Lions aren’t as close as we want. After seeing this defense every Sunday, it’s clear they’re away from the good.

In addition to defensive issues, the attack line still needs some work, and who knows what the new regime will do with wide receivers? Kenny Goraday..

It’s a shame that Stafford’s career is wasted. Especially because he is the best quarterback in Honolulu Blue, but that is true and we have to accept that we need to move on.

How does this end?

I think the ending should be Matthew, not Lions. I know that what I’ve said may shock you, but listen to me. The new regime can tell Stafford to start looking for the next franchise quarterback. He can choose to retire, stay and teach a new quarterback, or ask for a deal after having the conversation.

Everyone knows how much Stafford loves his teammates here and loves this organization, so you might want to quit now and retire the lion. He has experienced some injuries in the last few years anyway. For a young child, it may be the best option for him.

Even if Lions draft a future quarterback in the 2021 NFL Draft, players may not be ready to start the first week of next season. Therefore, Stafford can guide him and share all the knowledge he has.

Finally, Pride can trade Stafford for competitors, so he has a chance to win something before he retires. I think many fans will enjoy watching him win this league, even if he’s not in Motor City.

Overall, Detroit Lions need to understand that one of the best things that has ever happened must be let go in order for an organization to start moving in the right direction.

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What should Detroit Lions do with Matthew Stafford? What should Detroit Lions do with Matthew Stafford?

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