What strong women want men to know

She has her own money and her career, is confident and passionate, and is not afraid to speak her heart. Needless to say, she is good at everything. Not just everything you love, but anything that can scare you to love her.

Does it sound like your situation?

Loving a strong woman can be both exciting and difficult. She thinks it’s okay without you, right? And you may even feel she’s smarter than you, which worries you that you’re doing something wrong, and she’s happy to move on.

But loving a strong woman doesn’t have to be scary. There are some things men need to keep in mind when the women they love are strong and independent.

Why you need tips to love strong women

But wait, love is love, isn’t it? You love her and she loves you – what else do you need to know?

Everyone, we all know that it’s not always that simple. Especially when the woman you fell in love with is exciting and especially achieved.

In fact, many men will want women who are strong, independent, and don’t need them. However, when it comes to managing in that relationship, water can become muddy. You may find that she is challenging everything he thinks he understands about relationships with women, rather than deciding that she is not what she wants. And that can make him uncertain and overly anxious.

Masculine stereotypes still exist, and many men may believe or feel that women need to be cared for and protected, and that they need to be strong women as men. However, in most cases this is no longer true.

But when it thinks a man should love a woman and she pushes the woman back, problems arise.

We often see counseling couples suffering from power imbalances in their relationships and unable to communicate the problem. This push-and-pull can occur because each partner’s expectations do not match the other partners, neither can see it, and cannot understand why.

There are several reasons for this to happen, but it’s not uncommon for at least part of the problem to be a struggle with a man’s perception of his partner, what she needs, and how to express her love for her. Especially if she is a particularly strong and successful person.

Even if you start with a balanced relationship, it’s easy to fall into the stereotype that is said to be normal male behavior, especially for men. So before you go any further, it’s good to know how strong women, and in fact most women, want to receive strong treatment.

Tips for loving strong women

Nowadays, more and more women are walking the same way as men. This means that you are likely to be surrounded by strong, wise and ambitious women in your daily life. If you happen to fall in love with one of those women, you need to be prepared for some possible new challenges, and the tips below can help you.

1Don’t ask, she’s not going to change for you

Strong women are not looking for someone to shape them. She grows as needed and can change over time, not because you want her to be different. If you push her and change who she is, she can drive you out of her life.

2She has no game time

Most strong women are focused and know their hearts. This means she’s not interested in the games before and after “He loves me, but he doesn’t love me.” If you have feelings for her, she will want you to be frank about them. This applies to the entire relationship.

3When you try to manipulate her, you’re done

Do not try to go through deceptive or operational means. Guilt journeys and destructive methods will almost certainly backfire. Talk directly about what you want-think she would otherwise go on.

FourShe tells you what she thinks, even if you don’t want to hear it

Confident women rarely have problems speaking their minds. This can be a tough relationship if you feel uncomfortable listening to bad things with good things or are not good at being told when you are wrong. By the way, she expects you to do the same.

FiveIf you are together she doesn’t need you – she wants you

Understand that you are with her because she wants to be with you. She can live without you – she just likes to live with you. It really should make you feel better about your relationship with yourself.

6She still likes to be treated like a woman

Just because she is strong does not mean she is not grateful for her care. She finds her attractive, you love her, and yes, she feels you are protecting her even if she doesn’t need your protection I want to know that.

7She loves you and respects you as long as you do the same

Most strong women will give as good as they get. She is treated equally, respected equally, and expects to be loved equally as long as she loves. If you forget or ignore it, you will have problems.

8She makes her own heart

She doesn’t require you to make a decision for her. Do not step over or try to protect her by making a decision without her opinion.

If you are reading this idea “what about me?”, Yes, almost everything goes bidirectional. The truth is that the above tips can help you love any woman and apply to women who show love for men as well.

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Dr. Kurt Smith is the clinical director of Guy Stuff Counseling & Coaching, a counseling practice in Northern California, specializing in helping men and women who love them. His expertise is to understand the unique relationship challenges facing men, their partners, and couples today. Dr. Kurt loves dogs, sarcasm, everything outdoors and helps people who are trying to improve their relationships.


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