What the Golf? The latest update to the popular Apple Arcade title introduces a number of winter-themed levels.article

What golf? Since its launch last year, it’s been widely seen as one of the best games available on Apple Arcade with the quirky spins of The Label and Triband in several award-winning sports titles. Quite a few people will be pleased to hear that it has received an update.

This is called the “It’s Snowtime” update and introduces 30 new levels to popular physics-based games. Here you can expect a variety of new and wacky ways to play golf with snowmen, carrots and even sleds. You can watch the trailer for this latest update in the video below.

It’s a continuation of the fun stupidity of the base game, but with the addition of frost and a general winter theme. If you’re new to What the Golf, here’s a list of updates that developers have added to the game, providing some of the ridiculous level of good ideas we’re talking about here.

  • Get pizza quest
  • Yes now in the snow
  • pizza
  • Additional cool level
  • Frozen peas, pizza, popsicles
  • Moose-not frozen!
  • Snowman trying to maintain a snow profile
  • Did you mention pizza?
  • Even more chilly physics!

It’s basically easy fun. The game itself makes sure that you are using a variety of different objects instead of golf balls at a series of ingenious levels.

What golf? Now available on Apple Arcade, a $ 4.99 monthly subscription service. For more information on other games available in our extensive library, please visit our dedicated hub page.

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