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Tiger Woods provided honest, somewhat calm updates on the recovery from a car accident in February and the future potential of golf.In an exclusive interview with Golf DigesMonday t.

“I think the reality is to play a tour someday. It’s not full-time, never again, but Mr. [Ben] Hogan did. Choose an event several times a year and give it a try, “Woods said in a Zoom interview with Henni Koyack from his home in South Florida. “You practice around it and prepare yourself for it. I think you have to play that way from now on. It’s an unfortunate reality, but it’s my reality. And I Understand it and accept it. “

The Golf Digest writer joins Tiger’s interview and appreciates Woods and his legacy:

What is the overall impression from the video and what does Tiger look like?

Compared to the last interview on television when the 2020 Genesis Invitational aired on the Riviera, there wasn’t much speculation from the world of golf Twitter, but Tiger looks stunning. increase. In other words, he looks like a normal self. Seeing him laughing and laughing at his Corny Daddy joke (the “maternity leave” joke was great) creates hope for the future. And the future means a future that is off course and has nothing to do with golf. — Christopher Powers

Tiger looked great, and it was great to just see and hear from him after months away from the spotlight. From discussing his own physical condition to his son’s golf game, he seemed quite open and honest with his answer. Overall, he looked really happy, despite questions about his future play. And golf fans can be happy that he expects to try a comeback on the PGA Tour, even if he’s cautious about when it actually happens. — Alex Myers

There are a handful of statements that some will be drawn to, and in a vacuum those statements draw an interview in a gloomy light. Woods struck those notes at some point, but I really felt his tone escaped from a cautious optimist stream. — Joel Beer


You can put a brake on his story playing in the Masters, right?

Anyone who seriously thought the Masters were ready in April of this year lived in Looney Tunesville. If he plays in the Masters again, whether it’s 2023 or 2050, I consider it a miracle. -CP

Yes, 1 million times. And if he somehow plays with Charlie in the PNC Championship next week, it shouldn’t be mistaken for evidence that he’s ready for the tour. Play on a flat course in Florida with a rough hit and giggle. There are only two rounds here, so you don’t have to hit a tee shot and you can pick it up after two bad shots. … It’s a long way from the PGA Tour. And Tiger is so competitive that he can’t see him teeing up until he believes he can make a feasible cut. Given his lack of endurance, that won’t happen right away. — Dan Lapaport

Yes, that seems pretty far at the moment. Sure, there was a lot of hype around his recent swing video, but Tiger was to hit a golf ball everywhere at this point after being pulled from the car accident for nine months. Before it seems that you wanted to share it for the content you are. I think he’s still going to Augusta for the Champions Dinner. And how cool is it for him to play Wednesday’s par 3 contest with his kids, even if he didn’t tee it up on Thursday? -morning


Was he surprised at how straightforward he was about the fact that his days as a full-time touring pro were over?

Maybe this is a golf fan in my story, but when Woods talks about his future, I think he’s wrong on the side of managing expectations. Knowing what we are doing about him, if he plays a little tournament golf, it will be hard to stop there. Again, that may just be a hopeful idea, but first establish that he doesn’t expect much, then see if he can prove himself wrong. I think it’s much easier. — Sam Wineman

Woods was essentially a part-time player for some time, so these comments will gain more traction than they should. The bigger result was that Woods eased expectations for his play with those limited appearances. There are differences between part-time players and ceremonial players, and Woods seems to be prepared not to be surprised if fans tend to be the latter. Frankly, this is the position he has been trending since winning at Zozo in 2019. —JB

If this was 6 or 7 years ago, even after all his injuries and surgery, yes, I’m absolutely surprised to hear him say his days as a full-time tour pro are over. increase. now? A) When it comes to questions like this, he certainly became a little more frank in old age, and B) he almost died in a car accident. Again, it’s a miracle to see him tee up again. To be honest, I think it will be a more impressive comeback than the 2019 Masters victory. -CP

very. Again, that’s a big difference from his appearance over the last few years and it’s great to see. Still, it’s not that sad. -DR


It’s a big question, but I feel this is a good time for a 30,000-foot view. What happens to his legacy if Woods never wins another tournament?

His legacy is that he is the greatest golfer of all time and one of the five greatest athletes of all time. Jack Nicklaus has always been the greatest champion of all time and will almost certainly hold a major record forever, but at his peak (he had multiple peaks), Woods has seen us ever. The best golfer in the world. -CP

Where to start … Simply put, it’s the best icon in sports history. Ali, Jordan, Ruth level. A transforming person who has been playing golf for 25 years. He dragged the sport from the days of a pure white country club into modern relevance with one hand. It’s a complicated number, but it’s one of the most influential numbers in the last 100 years. -DR

JD Cuba
Tiger always has some “what if” based on how much time he has spent modifying his swing and recovering from injury during his career, but his legacy is No hits here. Woods long ago established itself as the most dominant force the game has ever seen, and his victory at the 2019 Masters has made him one of the toughest competitors in history in every sport. I have solidified my position. Adding another incredible chapter to that heritage is exactly that: incredible, but certainly not necessary. -morning

The simple, surface-level answer is that his legacy has been secured and consolidated at the 2019 Masters. That is not entirely true. As we have seen with other athletes, politicians, celebrities, etc., the past can be hurt by the present. People have been trying to summarize Tiger’s heritage for the past decade, unaware that the story continues to be written. The last nine months seem to have solidified that victory may no longer be part of the story. Still, the story that it remains unfinished after what he suffered, what he experienced, and what is still ahead is a victory in itself. -JB

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What to do with Tiger Woods’ interview?Our writer emphasizes his recovery and future – New Zealand Golf Digest What to do with Tiger Woods’ interview?Our writer emphasizes his recovery and future – New Zealand Golf Digest

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