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Indiana will begin Big Tenplay on Saturday afternoon and will host Nebraska at the Simon Skjot Assembly Hall on Saturday afternoon.

The Cornhuskers have escaped from a four-fold overtime loss of 104-100 at North Carolina State University in the Big Ten-ACC Challenge. Nebraska was 5-3 and two of its losses occurred in Lincoln (West Illinois and Clayton).

Saturday matches will be chipped at BTN at 12:00 EST.:

Indiana is trying to recover from the first loss of Mike Woodson’s era when Nebraska arrives in town this weekend.

Hoosiers made a brave effort Double overtime loss of 112-110 on Tuesday at Syracuse, However Could not overcome the 26 turnovers that led to Orange’s 33 points.. Before Indiana hosts Nebraska and travels to Wisconsin next week, the focus will shift to two big ten plays.

Meet the Cornhuskers

Nebraska rebuilt the roster this offseason, welcoming several transfers to Lincoln and five-star freshman guards.

The Cornhusks were injured in just three games in which the guard entered the season. Tray McGowens He lost to Clayton, who needed surgery, and broke his leg.

Nebraska’s back coat is led by Tray’s younger brother, a security guard. Bryce McGowens.. According to the 247 Composite, the 29th-ranked player in the 2021 class, McGowens, averaged 18.5 points and 7.1 rebounds in 35.5 minutes per game. He has shot only 25% in 3 seconds, but has already reached the free throw line 56 times in 8 games. He is converting 83.9 percent of his attempts from stripes. 6ft 7 McGowens already has 4 games with over 20 points.

Joining him on the back court is a transfer from Arizona State University Alonzo Verge Jr... Verge leads Nebraska in both utilization (32.1%) and assist rate (45.7%). His assist rate is currently ranked second in the country. Verge is second in the team with 15 points per game, but 3 out of 15 in 3 seconds. He also leads the team on 13 steals and rebounds at 5.8 per game, making him the third in the team.

Depole transfer Keyon Edwards Started five games, but earned only four points in the season and played only four minutes in a four-fold extra time with Nebraska at North Carolina State University. He is 0-of-11 in 3 seconds throughout 8 games.

The backup time on the back coat is Keisei Tominaga, Kobe Webster When CJ Wilcher..

From Japan, 6ft 2 Tominaga has scored 39 points in the last two games. He is 10-of-16 in 3 seconds in that range. Tominaga has committed only two turnovers in 139 minutes, shooting 38.9 percent of the total in 3 seconds.

Webster, who is entering his second season in Lincoln after moving from western Illinois, has shot 37.3% of the distance last season, seven-seventeenths of the depth of the season. After missing the team’s first two games, Webster lost to Clayton on November 16th, scoring the highest 20 points of the season.

A transfer from Xavier, Wilcher is a 6-foot-5 wing that is primarily operated from the surroundings. Over 70% of his field goal attempts are in 3 seconds, and he makes 12 of his 36 attempts from a distance.

On the front court Derrick Walker Stretch four Rat Maien Fred Hoiberg’s starter. Walker, a transfer from Tennessee, was targeted in early January last season and seems to be much more comfortable this season. Walker recorded a 50-minute defeat at North Carolina State University, shooting 80.5% in 2 seconds. His 10.1 points per game is the team’s third and also reduces 6.1 rebounds per game.

Mayen from Australia recorded 483 last season, but this season he hasn’t been able to start from a distance. The 6’9 junior is only 7-of-26 from the surroundings this season.

Freshman Wilhelm Breidenbach Hoiberg chose the Huskers over Cal and USC, so it was a big win for recruitment and was a top 105 adopter according to the 247 Composite. A 6’10 forward averages 3.5 points per game in 15.9 minutes and 2.5 rebounds from the bench.

Tempo free preview

Nebraska is a bad three-pointer shooting team that takes care of the ball and focuses on reaching the foul line with an attack. The Huskers are 22nd in Japan in terms of sales (14.5) and 65th in Japan with a free throw rate (FTA / FGA) of 36.9%. Nebraska is shooting 72.4% from the line, 56.3% in 2 seconds. This is the 30th best in the country.

There is no doubt that Hoiberg, who has an NBA background, is trying to expand the floor and pull Indiana’s defense away by taking advantage of the matches he believes to be in his favor. Nebraska will play one of the fastest tempos in the country, with a adjusted tempo of 71.2 possessions per game, according to KenPom. This is the 62nd fastest pace in the country.

What Nebraska really struggles with is shooting 3 and the glass. The Huskers are ranked only 314th in the country with a 3-point firing rate (27.6). The percentage of offensive rebounds is 337th in the whole country, and the percentage of defensive rebounds is 307th. This is a game where Indiana dominates the glass and has to take care of the ball much better than modern games.

What will happen

Indiana is Ken Pom’s favorite with 11 points and has 83 chances of victory. Sagarin’s rating also seems to be Hoosiers by 11.

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Indiana has a decisive advantage in the posts of Trace Jackson Davis and Race Thompson, which are the matches that the Hoosiers need to take advantage of early and often. Sales remained a real concern for Indiana until improvements were shown, and Indiana is now the 293th in the country in terms of the ability to take care of the ball.

If Indiana wants to compete in the NCAA tournament for the first time since 2016, it’s imperative to hold a serve at home. Hoosiers was given a favorable home conference schedule for four games against four teams. At Pennsylvania State University, Rutgers, Nebraska, Minnesota. Given Nebraska’s one day less rest and four extra times, Indiana couldn’t seek a better opportunity to get a strong start in big ten play.

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What to expect: Nebraska-inside the hall What to expect: Nebraska-inside the hall

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