What we have learned and the direction of Season 2

Last episode of what if…? There were many unpacking at the 35-minute finale. As you might expect from the context of the previous episode, this episode began with Uatu The Watcher teaming up and taking shots at Infinity Ultron.So what happened If … the watcher breaks the vow?? Let’s break it down and see what it means for the future of the MCU. Oh yeah, you can expect major spoilers for the rest of this article.

The episode begins with a very familiar shot.We see Captain Carter Where to see Steve Rogers heading first, the moment before the assault on Le Marian Star Captain America: The Winter SoldierAfter making a humorous joke between Captain Carter and Black Widow, much like Steve, Peggy jumped into the boat without a parachute and was hired by Watt when confronting Batroc.

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Next, how Uatu is in other episodes What … ifMaybe it’s over: Ego is attacking Peter Quill Daily queen (Probably in that universe, DQ’s ice cream machine was broken) And T’Challa came to the rescue before he was hired, Pepper Potts and Shuri to what looked like a defeated Killmonger Approaching, Uatu hired him before reaching him Duo and his army, a strange universe where Gamora wore Thanos battle armor, after being told by Ultron that he had killed his father in that universe (this) Will be explained in detail later), and of course, the first glance of the Party Toll Infinity Ultron we got. Witness Thor fighting in an Ultron drone before watchers pick him up in the humorous scene of Thor’s screams.

They all rendezvous at the bar created by Strange Supreme, From Peggy’s past. Of course, after some battles, our hero wins, but it’s not without some twists.

So what did we learn? Actually quite. I think there are two main points from the episode and a few more minor points. The first big point: Infinity stones vary from universe to universe. Each set of stones was specially created for the universe in which they live. This was a kind of lesson. Infinity WarWhen Dr. Strange and Dr. Wong explain the situation to Tony. Ultron promotes this by saying that the reason Infinity Crusher did not act on his stones is because they are different.

Fan theory and articles are on the market LokiHad made Infinity Stones Irrelevant. The TVA found that the stones didn’t work, so you can put them to sleep as fake. The second big point is that the watcher was actually buried twice in this episode. Organize your team and see if you can guess the second team. Did you guess Killmonger’s twist? Well, you’re right. After Infinity Ultron was defeated Black pantherThe villain tries to steal the stone and skirmishes with Zora.

The two are then placed in a pocket universe by Strange Supreme. At the end of the episode, all heroes except Black Widow return to their timelines, but Killmonger also misses the cut. Watchers are also interfering with the universe in which he was born, allowing Strange to embrace Zora and Killmonger in a pocket universe.

The episode is full of lots of other fun things. Arnim Zola can be seen in a more accurate form of a comic book, with the face reflected in the central part of Ultron’s corpse.Natasha goes to the world of If … the world lost the strongest heroInstead of returning to her world where she was the last person to live. You can also find out what’s behind Gamora’s appearance in the episode. In many cases, COVID slowed down a lot, and her episodes seemed to be no exception. The episode in which she killed her father did not appear in Season 1, but was confirmed in Season 2.

The episode would have been related to Sakar in the universe where Tony Stark lives for change (If.... I wasn’t kind to him).Also, pay attention to it like everything in Sakaar Thor: Ragnarok, The episode was supposed to be a comedy. The finale also gives a little conspiracy hole. When the team brings Black Widow from the world of Ultron, she is a little hesitant to trust them. Captain Carter has known her very well since her time and loses some knowledge, including Ivan being her father.This would be interesting Avengers: EndgameShe admits to Clint that she didn’t know her father’s name until Red Skull told them. Not so many words, but the exchange is: Clint: “Why does he know your dad’s name?” She replied, “I didn’t.”

In addition to the Sakaar / Gamora episode, the end-credits scene also provides a sense of where we are heading. Returning to the Lumarian Star, you’ll get a glimpse of Steve Rodger’s Hydra Crusher from the first episode, and BlackWidow mentions someone inside.The next season, we may use these two points as a starter as we explore more new universes as we ponder our questions. If…?What was your favorite part? Which universe do you want to see in Season 2? Drop your thoughts in the comments below.

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What we have learned and the direction of Season 2

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