What you can do with a night RPG on Kickstarter

November 24, 2021 by Polar_Bear

In the everyday world, evil fairies and demons are about to attack your child. Thankfully, there are brave and adventurous mice here to keep them safe.At least that’s what’s happening Things that squeak at night, A new RPG currently appearing on Kickstarter. Here, in the real world, everyone knows that it is the squirrel who takes on the job.

From the campaign:

Night Squeak is a rule-light tabletop role-playing game where you play a heroic mouse that saves human children from evil fairies and demons while hiding from adults in a modern urban fantasy setting.

.. ..

The story is about fighting the forces of darkness in a fascinating animal adventure. Micean Council agents are dispatched to sneak into homes (and elsewhere where children go) to find and defeat supernatural creatures that prey on their children. This mission-based game is like The Rescuers meeting Supernatural. Or MouseGuard meets Ghostbusters. Or, Hunter: The Reckoning encounters a NIMH secret (if you don’t like any of these properties, you’ll see the wrong Kickstarter page!)

The campaign has 16 days left to exceed the funding goal.


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