What you need to know about car rental in Europe

When traveling in Europe, many tourists prefer to rent a car. This choice makes travel easier and opens up space for travel across the country, in contrast to the standard routes offered by travel agencies.

Rent a car to explore the countries you visit more deeply and thoroughly. Not only is it time and distance independent, but it also saves a lot of expensive transfers. You just need to weigh the pros and cons.

When renting a car abroad, it is important to know some nuances. From registration procedures to details of local traffic rules.

Required documents and basic knowledge

To rent a car overseas, you need the following:

  1. Car license.
  2. An International Driving Permit (IDP) is an additional certificate that can be obtained from the traffic police without prior testing or testing. Some car rental companies do not offer cars without an IDP. In addition, it is useful if any procedure occurs in the event of an accident.
  3. 21 to 1 year driving experience.
  4. Passport and visa (if required).
  5. Deposits are usually credit cards or a fixed amount of cash.
  6. Knowledge of the details of national traffic regulations.
  7. Knowledge of intersecting areas, highways, roads, primers and off-road characteristics.
  8. It is important to check if there is a gas station on the planned route.

Nuances to consider

  1. As a general rule, minimum insurance is included when renting. If necessary, ask about additional insurance options to travel safely.
  2. Carefully examine your insurance terms and choose the method that works best for you. Be sure to check the mechanical condition form for any chips, scratches or damage. When you return the car, your carelessness may cost you a decent amount.
  3. The car will be issued to you with a full tank of gasoline. When the tank is full, you will need to return it.
  4. Basically, when renting a car, you specify the class of the car, not the specific brand. So don’t be surprised if you don’t have a brand you’re interested in.
  5. You will need to pay a security deposit when renting. The security deposit will be frozen in your account. Therefore, make sure you have enough money in your account.
  6. For example, when applying for a luxury car rental in Milan, one credit card may not be enough and you will be asked to leave two as a deposit.

How to rent a car in Europe

There are three main ways to rent a car. Each is convenient and has some advantages and disadvantages.

Rental at a travel agency

The easiest way. Ask your manager if there is such a service. As a general rule, agencies have partnerships with several rental companies. However, you will also have to pay too much for this service.

Reservation agency
There are many agencies that are engaged in car rental. From large international organizations to smaller ones in the territory of a particular country or city. Many of them have online reservations.

To make a reservation, you need to pay a certain amount in advance and print the voucher. The voucher will be provided when you receive the car. It’s worth noting that self-booking is far more profitable.

Keep the following in mind when choosing an agency:

  1. Where the agency branch is located (if any) – This is a great help in the event of an unexpected situation.
  2. Be sure to check all rental terms, routes, and intersections in different countries.
  3. I’m also interested in the condition of the car. As a rule, large institutions also have newer, better maintained cars. It may affect the rental price.
  4. Be sure to check the contact information of the agency and manager who gave you the car.

Online reservation service

There is an online service for booking car rental. These services are monitored by dozens of agencies at once, so you can make decisions based on several options offered. The price of such services may be lower than the price of the agency itself.

Book on the spot

If you still didn’t use the old method, you’ll have to search for a car on the fly. This is not difficult. As a general rule, airports and train stations have banners and special stands where you can rent a car.

This method costs you much more, and you will have to be content with what they give you. Therefore, think about this question in advance.

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