What you need to know about the Overwatch Control Map Guide

Overwatch is a globally popular game with players from all over the world participating. The game’s map pool allows players to move around the globe and take them to the moon. These control maps provide an exciting and engaging environment for each player working together and build strategies to achieve the same goal.

Each map is a competitive pool and falls into one of four types: hybrid, control, assault, and escort.With the help of Overwatch boost, Players can get more information about the control map. The best thing about these control maps is that they provide tips and tricks for all beginners to avoid mistakes and errors during gameplay.

How do the controls work?

The control map moves players to locations such as Oasis, Busan, Lijiang Tower, Ilios, Nepal and more. The control is King of the Hill. that is wHere, the player engages to take over the goal in the middle of the map. Then, when the capture rate reaches 100%, it will be retained. Every control map has three submaps, and the team wants to win the best of the three and win the overall victory.

Detailed information about control

Compared to other Overwatch maps, teams are not immediately divided into defenders and attackers. Control begins in the spawn room of both teams. The room is on the other side of the map. This prevents competitors from initially benefiting from each other. Once the map is started, it will take about 30 seconds for the desired lock to be unlocked. As a result, the area is occupied by one of the teams. If you want to control your goals, your team must eliminate all enemies while staying within the area of ​​interest for a specific amount of time. Once the goal is achieved, the percentage of captures will begin to increase.

How does assault work?

In Assault, teams are assigned as defenders and attackers. Assaults are also known as 2CPs because they have two control points that every team needs to capture. The attacking team tries to get control points for points A and B. The defender is given about 45 seconds to place around point A. When the attacker is released from the spawn, the attacker only takes 4 minutes. Drop point A.

The attacker must clear all defenders when capturing points A and B. You need to stay within your goals so that you can build your capture percentage. When the defender reaches the point, this percentage will stop accumulating.

The last word

The Overwatch map type allows players to try out new heroes and compose. It also helps you gain a deeper understanding of the overall gameplay and current meta. Each control map offers the player a different challenge. There, players encounter a number of unique goals and challenges. A proper understanding of the control map will help players prevent unwanted issues during gameplay.

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Things To Know About Overwatch Control Maps Guide

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