What’s New in Disney Plus August 2021: New Movies and TV Shows

Disney Plus was launched last year using most of Disney’s back catalog, but the platform hasn’t reached its maximum capacity yet.In addition to original content like Marvel’s upcoming episodes Hero project, There are many movies and shows wrapped in other streaming services and licenses. Every month, some new titles flow into Disney Plus.

The first anime series of MCUs will appear on the platform, imagining various possibilities. Cruella Come to Disney Plus for everyone, not just Disney Plus subscribers.New episode Star Wars: Bad batch, the same as Turner & Hooch, Also land on the service.

Released on August 4th

America’s Weirdest Home Video: Animal Edition (S1)
Cesar Millan: Better Humans Better Dogs (S1) Suitable for episode service
Cesar Millan: Better Humans Better Dogs (S1) Episode One brick at a time
Disney Junior Fashionable Nancy (S2)

Short Circuit (Short) Season 2 Premier

Streaming all episodes

From Disney: What would you make if you could talk to a team of talented artists at Walt Disney Animation Studios? Welcome to Short Circuit, an experimental and innovative program. This program allows anyone in the studio to suggest ideas and be chosen to make their own short films. Season 2 features five all-new short films.

Dinosaur barbarian

A work directed by Kim Hazel

From Disney: Fighting evil is a day’s work for the dinosaur barbarian, but what about putting out the trash? Sometimes even a superhero needs to get rid of his actions.

Go home

Jacob Frey’s work

From Disney: A story about growth and the meaning of home, where young adults visit their homes many times, but with each new arrival he begins to face inevitable changes.

pedestrian crossing

Works by Ryan Green

From Disney: A law-abiding citizen must find his inner power to cross the street with unchanging light.

A song to sing in the dark

A film directed by Ryanon Dela Noi

From Disney: Two creatures living in the depths of a dark cave participate in an acoustic one-up manship battle. As things escalate, they become aware that they are getting stronger together.

2nd place in kettering

Works by Lizalea

From Disney: On a miserable ordinary morning, the girl learns how the power of laughter can lift even the most moody of her fellow bus riders on her journey to Kettering.

Chip and Dale: Park Life Episode 102 “Whole Package / Bird’s Brain / Acorn on My Side”

From Disney: Claris shows Chip and Dale a hidden passage to a magical place. / If anyone thinks they’re trying to attack the park’s beloved peacock, turn on the tip! / Chips are fascinated by mysterious and perhaps supernatural acorns.

Marvel Studios Legend New episode

From Disney: Marvel Studios Legend Serve as an exciting review of the various heroes and villains heading to the long-awaited streaming show premiered at Disney +, setting the stage for future adventures. The episode will feature Peggy Carter, the Avengers Initiative, and The Lavagers.

Monsters at work Episode 106 “Vending Machine”

From Disney: Tyler’s job is threatened when he breaks MIFT’s favorite vending machine on the day Fritz has to sack someone to cut his budget. Meanwhile, Mike is trying to boost morale with Monsters, Inc.

Turner & Hooch Episode 103 “Diamonds are Enthusiastic”

From Disney: Scott pursues the infamous fugitive jewel thief, and Hooch becomes obsessed with squeaky toys.

Released on August 6th

Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2
Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3: Beverly Hills Chihuasta!
Gordon Ramsay: unknown (S3) Episode Finland’s midnight sun
Killer Shark vs.Orca
Mrs. Doutfire

Image: Disney Plus

Secret Society Benedict Association Season Finale Episode 108

From Disney: A group of orphans hidden behind a boarding school known as the Institute must thwart malicious plans with global influence while creating a new kind of family along the way.Based on Trenton Lee Stewart’s bestseller, which Time magazine called “one of the greatest young adult books of all time.” Secret Society Benedict Association Starring Emmy Award-winning Tony Hale, it features an outstanding ensemble of young actors.

Star Wars: Bad Batch Episode 115

From Disney: Star Wars: Bad Batch Follow the elite and experimental clones of Bad Batch (first introduced in “Clone Wars”) as they find their way in a rapidly changing galaxy shortly after the Clone Wars. Members of Bad Batch, a unique team of clones that are genetically different from the clone army brothers, each have unique and superior skills to become highly effective soldiers and formidable crew members.

Released on August 11th

Break Bobby Bones (S1), Episode 8
Cesar Millan: Better Humans Better Dogs (S1) Front of episode pack
Cesar Millan: Better Humans Better Dogs (S1) Episode Dog Quarantine
Disney Gabby Duran & The Unsitables (S2), Episode 10
Disney Junior Chicken Squad (S1), Episode 7

what if…? Premier Episode 101

From Disney: “Tentatively …?” Invert the MCU script and rethink the movie’s famous events in an unexpected way. Marvel Studios’ first animated series focuses on the various heroes of the MCU and features an audio cast that includes a number of stars playing roles. The series is directed by Bryan Andrews. AC Bradley is a headwriter.

Chip and Dale: Park Life Episode 103 “Jungle / Flight / Deep Dive”

From Disney: Chip and Dale get lost in the bush with no hope of escaping! / Chip uses Dale as a test pilot. / Chip and Dale embark on an underwater adventure.

Monsters at work Episode 107 “Adorable Return”

From Disney: Tyler mistakenly allows the exiled “adorable snowman” to return to Monsters, Inc. Fearing that he will also be banished, Tyler struggles to get him back before he is discovered. Meanwhile, Val looks for a secret as to why the snowman was banished in the first place.

Turner & Hooch Episode 104 “Fur Line”

From Disney: To impress his ex-girlfriend, Scott and Hooch must protect the moody judge from the mob assassin.

Released on August 13

Shark attack file (S1) Episode Shark became a villain

Star Wars: Bad Batch Episode 116

Released on August 18

Cesar Millan: Better Humans Better Dogs (S1) Episode Pack Attack
Cesar Millan: Better Humans Better Dogs (S1) Episode blind faith
Disney Owl House (S2), Episode 5
Dr. Oakley, Yukon Veterinarian (S9)
Life below zero: the next generation (S1)
Life below zero: the next generation (S2)

Growing animal Season 1 premiere

Streaming all episodes

From Disney: Six episodes of baby animals, an intimate and extraordinary adventure, from uterine safety to childbirth uncertainty and its tentative first steps. In each episode, you’ll see incredible changes in a variety of iconic animals, full of mystery and emotion. “Growing Up Animal” is a magical story of a mother’s instinct to raise and her baby’s willingness to survive.

Diary of the Future President Season 2 Premier All Episode Streaming

From Disney: Season 2 Diary of the Future President As she enters seventh grade, she continues the story of the origins of Cuban Americans and future leader Elena Canelo Reed. Narrated from an excerpt from Elena’s diary, this age-coming 10-episode series and family comedy follows the ups and downs of a junior high school where Elena is on her way to becoming president of the United States.

Chip and Dale: Park Life Episode 104 “Nuts I Can’t Refuse / Chipmunk Away / Rough Justice”

From Disney: Tip negotiations with the wrong squirrel family, now he has to pay the price. / The desire for tip perfection leads to a relaxing vacation. / There is a new sheriff in town and his name is Chip!

Monsters at work Episode 108 “Little Monster”

From Disney: Tyler believes he has the opportunity to be promoted as a joquester when paired with Flint’s daughter on Monsters, Inc.’s Mini Monsters Day. Can he make her laugh?

Turner & Hooch Episode 105 “The Way to Smell Dorado”

From Disney: Scott, Hooch and Xavier get stuck in search of a fugitive in the eccentric little town of El Dorado.

what if…? Episode 102

Released on August 20


Blonde young man holding a blue dragon egg

I’m sorry to make you think about Eragon movies
Image: 20th Century Fox

Released on August 25

Cesar Millan: Better Humans Better Dogs (S1) Episode Twin Trouble
Cesar Millan: Better Humans Better Dogs (S1) Episode Dog V Cat
Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER (S9)
Gigantosaurus (S2)
Evil tuna (S10), Episode 12

Disney Gallery: Star Wars: Mandalorian Special Episode Episode 110 “Disney Gallery: Star Wars: The Mandalorian-Creating the Season 2 Finale “

From Disney: Making Season 2 Finale See behind the scenes of creating this famous “chapter”. MandalorianFocuses on the technology used to recreate Luke Skywalker. The immense pressure and responsibility that filmmakers had to delve into the collaborative process, including collaboration with Mark Hamill, to create authentic and appropriate recreation and revive one of the most important characters in film history. Explore.

Chip and Dale: Park Life Episode 105 “Dog House / Corn Alone / Highway to Hug”

From Disney: A new roommate splits Chipmunks. / Dale’s lie to spoil him on a tip makes his life completely miserable! / Dale desperately needs a hug.

Monsters at work Episode 109 “Bad Hair Day”

From Disney: Abandoning the dream of becoming a joke star, Tyler aims to be the perfect MIFTer. But when he loses the sacred hair of former employee David, Tyler must get it back before the MIFT team notices it.

Turner & Hooch Episode 106 “The Fur-gitive”

From Disney: Scott looks for a dangerous fugitive in the woods. Hooch discovers that the suspect has a secret.

what if…? Episode 103

Released on August 27


Cruella with the word

Photo: Disney / Laurie Sparham

Real life dan
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