What’s New in Disney Plus: December 2020 Seoul and All New Shows and Movies

Disney Plus was launched last year using most of Disney’s back catalog, but the platform hasn’t reached its maximum capacity yet.In addition to original content like Marvel’s upcoming episodes Hero projectThere are many movies and shows wrapped in other streaming services and licenses. Every month, some new titles flow into Disney Plus.

This month brings the long-awaited Disney Plus premiere of Pixar soul — It was scheduled to be released at the theater in June.Last episode of Mandalorian Season 2 will also land on the platform High School Musical: Musical: Series: Holiday Special..From the library, the following titles Anastasia, Sky-high,and Into the Woods Make their Disney Plus debut.

Released on December 4th


You see, just because Fox’s Anastasia is now at Disney Plus doesn’t mean she’s an official Disney Princess. In this essay, I …

Image: 20th Century Studios

Big shark rule
Man vs shark
Nutcracker and 4 areas

Where is the Sky High Cinematic Universe? !!

God Mother

From Disney: Set at Christmas time, Godmother still needs a fairy when a young and inexperienced fairy godfather (Jillian Bell) hears that the profession of his choice is endangered. A comedy about Eleanor who has decided to show the world that she is. God mother. Eleanor finds a false letter from a suffering 10-year-old girl, chases her and discovers that girl Mackenzie is a 40-year-old single mother (Isla Fisher) currently working at a Boston news station. Did. Mackenzie, who lost her husband a few years ago, almost gave up the idea of ​​”being happy,” but Eleanor decided to give Mackenzie a makeover of happiness, whether she liked it or not. ..

Mandalorian -“Chapter 14”

From Disney: Mandalorians and children continue their journey, confronting their enemies and rallying their allies as they pass through dangerous galaxies during the turbulent times of the Galactic Empire.

Extras-Beyond the Clouds: Where Everything Started Premier

From Disney: Beyond the Clouds Take an exclusive look inside Disney + original film production and inspiration. A short documentary cloud. A total of nine episodes will be premiered each week, with the final episode streaming on January 29th. In the first episode, Director Justin Bardoni comes across the story of Zack Sobietch and tries to find him. From his first encounter, Justin recognizes that the story of this young musician is special and that Zack’s desire to influence before leaving the world can inspire people all over the world.

Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse-“Keep On Rollin”

From Disney: Mickey and his friend Disco Knight at Rollerlink are at risk when their fun is destroyed by Pegregg Pete and his gangsters.

“Big Good Wolf”

From Disney: Mickey Mouse tries to turn a big bad wolf into a good person.

Released on December 11th

Disney Channel Epic Holiday Showdown
Disney Holiday Magic Quest
Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couric
Ralph breaks the internet

High School Musical: Musical: Holiday Special Premier

Ricky and EJ in swimming trunks and Santa hat

Photo: Disney Plus

From Disney: In this all-new Holiday Music Special High School Musical: Musical: Series We will deliver plenty of cheers for a pleasant holiday. They play their favorite Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year songs and share memorable holiday anecdotes. The best and most embarrassing thing. – Gifts, your favorite holiday traditions, family Christmas photos, and inspirational New Year’s aspirations. High School Musical: Musical: Holiday Special We will also feature the sneak peak of the first performance of the long-awaited second season. High School Musical: Musical: Series..

safety Premier

From Disney: Safety Former Clemson University Football Safety A drama inspired by the powerful story of Ray Makerat Bay (Jay Reevs). His dedication and tenacity help him overcome repeated adversity. With the help of his teammates and the Clemson community, he succeeds in the field while raising and caring for his 11-year-old brother Fahmarr (Thaddeus J. Mixson).

Mandalorian “Chapter 15”

From Disney: Mandalorians and children continue their journey, confronting their enemies and rallying their allies as they pass through dangerous galaxies during the turbulent times of the Galactic Empire.

Extras-Beyond the Clouds: Meet Sobiek

From Disney: In an intercut with footage from their audition, we meet Finn, Sabrina, Madison, Nave, and Tom when Justin sends a cast to meet a real opponent in Minnesota and New York City. The group connects their love for Zack, and the actors find inspiration to fulfill their role.

Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse “Brave little servant”

From Disney: Mickey dreams of becoming a knight, but when elected to Sir Mortimer’s servant, his new boss’s heroic reputation turns out to be a fairy tale.

“Normal date”

From Disney: Mickey and Minnie are trying to make a regular dinner date special.

Released on December 18th

Maya’s buried truth
Cosmos: The World of Time (S1)
Disney Channel Holiday House Party
Disney Parks Sunrise Series (S1)
Disney Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure (S3)
Eagle Eddie
Into the Woods
Miracle World: New York, United Heroes

About pointe Premier

From Disney: Pointe A six-part documentary series that captures the season of the School of American Ballet (SAB) in New York City.

Featuring unprecedented access to famous ballet facilities, this series follows the lives of students aged 8-8.

18 I am pursuing my dream of becoming a ballet dancer. Young students in New York City will rehearse and perform at the New York City Ballet holiday classic “George Balanchine” while older students across the country are rigorously trained for a professional career. The Nutcracker on the stage at Lincoln Center. ”

Allendel Castle Yule Log Premier

From Disney: Set your winter mood at the Eurlog of Arendel Castle in Anna and Elsa for your holiday celebrations. This year, the castle is newly decorated with elements reminiscent of a recent trip to the enchanted forests of Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Christoph and Sven. Happy Holidays from Allendel!

Dolly leaf cam Premier

From Disney: Dive into the ocean below and see aquatic wildlife from the world of Nemo and Dolly.

Extras-Beyond the Clouds: Create the World of Zack

From Disney: Justin talks about the importance of intertwining amazing elements throughout the film to create and maintain emotional resonance throughout the production, not just the integrity of the set. From Zack’s director’s chair to wardrobes and set dressers, it’s starting to get very clear — Zack is here at every stage of the road.

Mandalorian Season Finale “Chapter 16”

From Disney: Mandalorians and children continue their journey, confronting their enemies and rallying their allies as they pass through dangerous galaxies during the turbulent times of the Galactic Empire.

Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse Winter finale “Supermarket scramble”

From Disney: Mickey and his friends’ barbecue plans are pushed to the side streets after a short trip to the supermarket turns into an Odyssey.

“Only our four”

From Disney: Donald and Daisy’s little lies can be a big problem when trying to get out of a group date with Mickey and Minnie.

Released on December 25th

Big movement of Max Kible


Joe Gardener playing the piano in the soul of Pixar

Image: Pixar

From Disney: What makes you … you? Pixar Animation Studios’ all-new feature film “Soul” introduces Joe Gardener (voice of Jamie Foxx). Joe Gardener is a junior high school band teacher who has had the chance to play for a lifetime at one of the best jazz clubs in town. But with one small mistake, he moves from the city of New York City to Great Before. This is a fantastic place where new souls gain personality, habits and interests before they go to Earth. Joe decides to return to life and teams up with 22 (Tina Fey’s voice), a precocious soul who has never understood the fascination of human experience. Joe is desperately trying to show the awesomeness of living 22 so he may find answers to some of the most important questions in life.

dive Premier

From Disney: The young rabbit sets out on a journey to dig her dream burrow, even though she has no idea what she is doing. Instead of revealing her shortcomings to her neighbors, she digs deeper into the problem. After hitting the bottom of the rock (in bed), she learns to be ashamed to ask for help.

Extras-Beyond the Clouds: Musical Miracles

From Disney: When Justin entrusted Finn to create the original song to play in the movie, Finn found himself and others to be directly related to what Zack was writing for his new song. It surprised everyone, but couldn’t finish before he died. This miracle story touches on Justin, especially Zack’s girlfriend Amy.

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