What’s New in Disney Plus: The Mandalorian s2 and All November Movies and Shows

Disney Plus was launched last year using most of Disney’s back catalog, but the platform hasn’t reached its maximum capacity yet.In addition to original content like Marvel’s upcoming episodes Hero projectThere are many movies and shows wrapped in other streaming services and licenses. Every month, some new titles flow into Disney Plus.

November brings a new episode Mandalorian – together LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special.. Mickey Mouse celebrates his birthday this month (Sidebar: Apparently Scorpio ?!) with some new animated short stories.Also, coming to the platform Black BeautySounds like it’s not really Black Beauty Sounds like a new horse girl movie, but hey, we take it!

Released on November 6th

Disney Goldie & Bear (S1)
Disney Goldie & Bear (S2)
Disney Junior Fashionable Nancy: Fancy It Yourself (S1)
Disney Christmas Carol
Mr. Magoo

Mandalorian Episode 202 “Chapter 10”

From Disney: Mandalorians and children continue their journey, confronting their enemies and rallying their allies as they pass through dangerous galaxies during the turbulent times of the Galactic Empire.

Disney Animal Kingdom Magic Episode 107 “Giant Egg Donden”

From Disney: My sister reigns best at Disney’s Animal Kingdom! In the savanna, the teenage African elephant Nadira is a great babysitter for her sister Stella, but her agility is still a big pain. Animal welfare experts Erin and Elizabeth must be creative to help Nadira confront fear and cross the bridge that connects the two parts of the elephant habitat. At EPCOT’s The Seas with Nemo & Friends, the rescued green turtle Harry needs to swim to a specific target for a lush dinner. This is the skill you need to graduate to the main tank. On the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail, Arica, a little Colobines monkey who likes to create chaos, becomes her sister. This is the first time in the park. Meanwhile, the endangered vultures Carri and Bones try to fill their nests, but if their lovers don’t agree on the best way to build a house, animal zookeeper Tricia joins in.

The right one Episode 106 “VOST OK”

From Disney: JFK will send a scientific committee to Cape Canaveral to evaluate the effectiveness of the space program. Glenn drafts a letter to a politician who complains that it is morally inappropriate for Shepherd to become the first person in space, burning up from the results of a peer vote. However, internal power issues and the skeptical president are quickly diminished by news from Russia, which could be the nail of Project Mercury’s casket.

Strange really Season Finale Episode 313-“Camping”

From Disney: Curly and Charlie need to reach the rank of master camper and have never camped personally, so they will travel to the Coronado National Forest in Saguaro National Park, Arizona. There, with expert advice, they begin to fully absorb what camping is like and how to become a master camper.

One day at Disney Episode 149-“Leslie Evans: Senior R & D Imagineer”

From Disney: Leslie Evans brings the story of Disney theme parks to life by creatively applying cutting-edge technology. A lifelong fan of Walt Disney World, Leslie has always been fascinated by the crossroads of creativity and engineering. She uses her diverse backgrounds in both industrial design and materials science engineering to invent new and innovative guest experiences for Disney parks around the world.

Released on November 13th

Petra: City of Wealth
Ultimate Viking Sword

Mandalorian Episode 203 “Chapter 11”

From Disney: Mandalorians and children continue their journey, confronting their enemies and rallying their allies as they pass through dangerous galaxies during the turbulent times of the Galactic Empire.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Season Magic Finale Episode 108-“Blessing of Baby Gorilla”

From Disney: The mature white-spotted shark of the carpet shark bites more than it can chew, swallowing items not on the menu and getting caught in the emergency room under the care of Dr. Daedre. Meanwhile, the western lowland gorilla baby grace has reached new heights as animal zookeeper Courtney works with child development experts to test motor coordination. At Kilimanjaro Safari, hippo gas makes “frenemy” from old hippos at the river playground. And in the savanna, Southern White Rhinoceros Dugan learns that love hurts when a female rhino greets him a little enthusiastically.

Inside Pixar Premier

From Disney: A documentary series of personal and cinematic stories that introduces the people, artistry and culture of Pixar Animation Studios.

The right one Episode 107 “Ziggurat”

From Disney: On the eve of the flight, Louise learns of the Shepherd incident in Tijuana. Trudy sees Gordo joking about a female astronaut on TV. Glenn is waiting for a humiliating moment when the world finally learns that he is not the first. Tensions reach their limits when Shepherd and Glen are forced together in late weather, marital discord, and a reporter’s circus pressure cooker.

One day at Disney Episode 150-“Mark Gonzales: Steam Locomotive Engineer”

From Disney: A steam locomotive engineer, Mark Gonzales has been a lifelong train lover and has realized his dream of working at Disneyland Resort. For Mark, it’s more than just getting on the train. He strives to create memorable moments for guests as they move through the park, one of Walt’s favorite attractions.

Released on November 17th

LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special Premier

Image: Lucasfilm // Disney

From Disney: LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special Ray, Finn, Po, Chewbacca, Rose and Droid reunited and enjoy a fun feast on Lifeday, the first holiday introduced in 1978. Star Wars Holiday Special.. The new LEGO Special debuts first on Disney + and continues the rich legacy of Lucasfilm and LEGO collaboration. This is a playful adventure told in a loving and irreverent way that only LEGO Star Wars co-branded content can do.

Follow the event directly Star Wars: The Rise of SkywalkersRay leaves her friend in preparation for Lifeday as he embarks on a new adventure at BB-8 to gain a deeper knowledge of the Force. At the mysterious Jedi Temple, she was thrown into a cross-timeline adventure through the beloved moments of Star Wars film history, with Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Yoda, Obi-Wan, and all nine other Skywalker saga. A movie that comes into contact with iconic heroes and villains. But does she come back in time for the feast of the day of life and learn the true meaning of the holiday spirit?

Released on November 17th

The wonderful world of Mickey Mouse Premiere (Mickey Mouse’s birthday)

Minnie and Mickey as cowboys

Image: Disney

“Super scramble”

From Disney: Mickey and his friends’ barbecue plans are pushed to the side streets after a short trip to the supermarket turns into an Odyssey.

“Cheese Wrangler”

From Disney: Mickey Mouse tries to engulf a precious herd across the stunning views of the Big Thunder Valley, but Pegregg Pete gets in the way of him.

Released on November 20th

Planes: Fire Rescue

Marvel 616 Premier

From Disney: Marvel’s 616 explores the rich heritage of Marvel’s pioneering characters, creators and storytelling, reflecting the world outside the window. Each documentary directed by a unique filmmaker introduces the crossroads of storytelling, pop culture and fandom within the Marvel Universe. Episodes in this anthology series cover topics such as Marvel’s world-famous artist, Marvel Comics’ pioneering woman, and the discovery of Marvel’s “forgotten” characters.

Marvel’s 616 is produced by Marvel New Media at Supperclub. The series is executive produced by Joe Kesada, Shane Ramani, Stephen Wacker, John Cerilli, Harry Go and Sarah Amos for Marvel. Supperclub Jason Starman, Brian McGinn, David Gelb.

The real right thing Premier

From Disney: The Real Right It tells the amazing true story of the original Mercury 7, the first astronaut in the country, to bring viewers back in time from hundreds of hours of archived films, radio broadcasts, interviews, home movies and other rare and unprecedented material. 1950s. National Geographic’s two-hour documentary complements Disney +’s original script series, The Right Stuff, which premiered the season finale on the same day.

“The Real Right Stuff” directed and produced by Emmy and Peabody Award-winning filmmaker Tom Jennings (“Apollo: Mission to the Moon”, “Challenger Disaster: Lost Tape”) , A fascinating description of NASA’s Project Mercury project. It revolutionized America’s role in manned space exploration and inspired the next generation of space enthusiasts. Without modern narration or interviews, the special uses Jennings’ signature style to give viewers unparalleled access to the early stages of the Space Race.

Mandalorian Episode 204 “Chapter 12”

From Disney: Mandalorians and children continue their journey, confronting their enemies and rallying their allies as they pass through dangerous galaxies during the turbulent times of the Galactic Empire.

The right one Finale Episode 108 “Flight”

From Disney: After Shepherd’s dramatic voyage to space, he feels overwhelmed and restless. Listening to Glenn’s advice, Shepherd tries to calm his ambitions with gratitude to his wife and children. Shepherd’s marriage remains intact for some reason, but Gordo’s and Toldi’s marriage may never recover. Meanwhile, when JFK publicly challenges NASA to send people to the moon, Glenn’s drive to the shepherd top reignites.

One day at Disney Episode 151 “Season Finale”

From Disney: Revisited One day at DisneyA fascinating and exciting cast member of the season finale. From the heart of Disney Park to the cityscape of Madrid, look back at the memorable moments and the people who made them possible, and experience Disney Magic behind the scenes like never before.

Released on November 27

Awful, terrible, bad, very bad day with Alexander
Yellow dog adventure: far away from home
Marvel Spider-Man: The Biggest Venum (S3)
Once Upon A Time In Wonderland
Party animal (S1)
Alaska: Port Protection

Black Beauty Premier

Girl and horse

Image: Disney

From Disney: Rethinking Anna Sewell’s timeless classics, this modern day follows the story of the Black Beauty, a free-born wild horse in the western United States. After being rounded up and taken away from her family, Beauty is taken to Birtwick Stables, where she meets a healthy teenage girl, Jo Green. Beauty and Joe build an unbreakable bond that carries beauty through the various chapters, challenges and adventures of her life.

The wonderful world of Mickey Mouse “Tomorrow’s house”

From Disney: Mickey, Donald and Goofy will experience today’s tomorrow’s technology as they sneak into Professor Fondolake’s latest invention.

“Difficult to swallow”

From Disney: Mickey runs into problems trying to get Pluto to swallow a simple little pill.

Mandalorian Episode 205 “Chapter 13”

From Disney: Mandalorians and children continue their journey, confronting their enemies and rallying their allies as they pass through dangerous galaxies during the turbulent times of the Galactic Empire.

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