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Boxing was calm and quiet, but it was a really very turbulent weekend. Some notable upsets, world title changes, and some really interesting battles have been set.

Emanuel Navarrete

Navarrete’s victory over Joe Gonzalez was gritty., Solid WBO featherweight title defense, and ESPN’s Mark Kriegel asked about possible rematches, but it’s not really necessary.

Navarrete had to win it, but he definitely won, and it’s not as if it was a big Fight of the Year candidate or something of the year-although it was an interesting and rugged fight. ..

So what about Navarrete (35-1, 29 KO)? Since upsetting Isaac Dogbo in late 2018, he has steadily gained popularity and has become a lightweight, truly outstanding player. He should probably be considered the best featherweight in the world so far, but Gary Russell Jr. is still half as active.

There was a good fight at 126, the toughest of which was Russell, who probably wouldn’t fight Navarrete either.He enters the ring once a year, and Despite allegedly reaching an agreement to confront the compulsory challenger Rey VargasIt seems that they are determined to keep it and not do it until 2022.

Besides Russell, there is Kid Galahad, the IBF title list. Set to protect the belt from Kiko Martinez on November 13th, And there is Leo Santa Cruz, he still has a WBA belt Are you planning to return to the department in December..

More likely, it will be a WBO candidate. Mark Magsayo believes he has been promoted to the top contender as No. 1 Gonzales was second on Saturday before losing to Navarrete. Oleg Malinowski, who has never experienced anything near a major battle, should be right behind him. Other potential candidates are not very interesting.

One of the interesting ideas is to offer fellow Mexican Mauricio Lara a better deal than fighting Josh Warrington again. Of course, Lara confused Warrington earlier this year, and the September rematch ended early in the second round due to a cut, producing a technical draw. Top ranks can also be seen by Tyson Fury’s friend Isaac Lowe in 9th place. Rowe isn’t really a competitor, but it could be a decent political move.

There is no clear fight in 126. If Navarret decides to move up to 130, he has that size on paper. He can see the fight against the winner of this weekend’s Jamel Herring-Shakur Stevenson fight. Or Oscar Valdes, who holds the WBC title. All of these fighters will be top-ranked, stable and attractive matches.

György Sándol Martin

Martin (39-2, 13 KO) Pulled Shocker on Saturday to upset Fresno’s Mikey Garcia.. Again, the idea of ​​a rematch came to me. If that happens, it’s expected to be £ 140 instead of £ 145 catchweight this weekend, but that’s possible. Garcia wants to go back to 140, and Martin really fought at 140, saying that’s what he wants to do in the future.

The rematch may be useful, but mainly for Garcia. For Martin to take it, it’s the best money opportunity he can get, and it’s a good deal. If not, he has to take the famous W and continue his career.

The only world champion in 140 is Josh Taylor.Taylor will face Jack Katral on December 18th, and that’s what the problem is he I want to do it. He stays at 140 and can fight Teofimo Lopez in 2022 or rematch with Regis Prograis and Hosera Milles. Alternatively, you can move up to 147 and chase the title against Terence Crawford. Of course, there are many variables there.Taylor needs to beat Catalal, Crawford needs to beat Shawn Porter, Lopez needs to beat George Cambosos Jr. When Choose to gain weight, etc.

If Taylor leaves at 140, four titles will be scattered in the wind. Martin was able to make a blow. But otherwise you never know in this situation. He can be completely evaded as easily as playing another big battle.It’s a reality of how boxing works, but he has A few Matchroom backing as he got this fight because he fought

Mikey Garcia

Melina Pizzano / Matchroom

First of all, Mikey Garcia must absolutely accept that he is not welterweight. At this point, it’s far from being routed to Errol Spence Jr. He also had a lot of problems with Jessie Vargas, a good fighter but not Spence.

Mikey will probably accept it. Frankly, he doesn’t have many options. It can’t be so clear at this point. If you keep convincing yourself that you have the tools to become a top player in the 147, it’s a sincere delusion. He is pretty Literally not built for it.

But from there, other things he might want to consider become darker.

Garcia (40-2, 30 KO) is 33 years old, has gained a lot of weight and has some furloughs in her actual career. At least in some cases, if you put a lot of weight between fights, you can be 33 years old.

He appeared to have been washed straight on Saturday night. I’d like to think he’s not, but he can find motivation, go back to 135 (yes, not 135, 140) and run another good career, but the guy I saw on Saturday It seemed he couldn’t pull the trigger enough and this supposed master boxer was out of the box by Sandor Martin. I hate that it sounds rude to Sandor Martin, but that’s the reality of this situation. No one used to think Martin was an elite fighter, and now he shouldn’t.

You need to wonder if Mikey Garcia really wants to fight anymore. He doesn’t seem to be fully committed for some time, and there is no more fight for Manny Pacquiao to chase in vain. If he decides to wear gloves, I’m surprised and not shocked, but if he doesn’t, whatever he does next, he’s devoted and focused. I hope I can see a Mikey Garcia come back. But at this point he has some difficult questions to ask himself.

And the rest!

  • As everyone imagined, top cruiserweight Mairis Briedis overtook the overmatched challenger Artur Mann. The battle to make is a unity with Lawrence O’Cally, and everyone involved (everyone will) knows it for the facts. Let’s hope it is achieved.
  • Jonathan Gonzalez was upset and defeated Elwin Soto to win the WBO £ 108 title. I said before the fight —And in a live thread — Gonzales was one of those who could finally see this one big night, and he did. We couldn’t get the level of behavior we expected because Soto couldn’t push the pace well and Gonzales really had to raise it to trade. Instead, Gonzales won a fairly comfortable and clear victory. Boxing loves that rematch anymore, so the rematch may be off the coast, but many will want to fight Gonzales. He’s good, but he can be defeated with a stronger attack than what Soto showed on Saturday. As for Soto, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him flyweight instead of pursuing a rematch.
  • Jooto Gonzalez couldn’t beat Navarrete, but I think he made a name for himself in two consecutive races. He disappointed many in a way routed by Shakur Stevenson-and certainly himself-but he came back to dominate non-scrub Miguel Mariaga, and then Navarrete’s top Hanging on the fighter and tough, a great display of good action fighting and toughness. There is still a good fight for him at 126 and 130, and you just get the feeling that he will eventually find a way back to another title chance. At least I do.
  • Savannah Marshall’s simple middleweight title defense in the UK prepared her Return within 2 months, card with Claressa Shields, Probably set the battle between the two in 2022. To be honest, they are the only particularly interesting fight for each other.
  • Chris Eubank Jr. also easily won in the UK. He is expected to fight the next Liam Williams. This is a really good match, but it may not be a “box office” (PPV) hit. Sky Sports will want it. I would then expect a very good fight, and I would tell you now, don’t choke it as a W for Eubank. Williams is an aggressive, tough and hard-charged fighter who may be able to unleash Eubank’s worst instincts and take advantage of the limits they present.

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What’s next for Emanuel Navalet, György Sándol Martin and Mikey Garcia? What’s next for Emanuel Navalet, György Sándol Martin and Mikey Garcia?

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