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UFC 257 many of us are wondering about the next match. UFCLightweight division. What’s next for the entire division, what’s next for the next match, and what’s next for the lightweight title photo?

Now, as we all know Habib Nurmagomedov After defeating Justin Gaethje in the UFC 254, he retired and vacated his UFC lightweight championship in the process. UFC President Dana White wanted to give Nurmagomedov time to rethink his decision and met him up to UFC 257.

However, the King of Pound for Pound decided to remain retired and won the UFC Lightweight Championship. After all, he defeated three lightweight champions during his reign.

Conor McGregor did not lose his belt in battle, he was stripped of boxing Floyd Mayweather Jr. Dustin Poirier and Justin Gaethje for winning a provisional title during his reign, and he Absolutely treated and finished both.

Many believed that McGregor vs. Poirier II should be for an empty strap, given that Nurmagomedov wasn’t going to come back, but the UFC said the Russian superstar had him. I decided not to do so, hoping to see something that would force me to come back again.

These last two battles, Dan Hooker vs. Michael chandler Dustin Poirier vs. Conor McGregor happened. Lightweight contention matchups have not been signed.

Of course, as we know, UFC 257 had some very shocking results, especially in the joint main event and the main event.

Former Bellator Lightweight Champion Michael Chandler ran through Dan Hooker to secure a TKO victory at 2:30 in Round 1 and Dustin Poirier defeated Conor McGregor via TKO at 2:32 in Round 2. I retaliated.

Some chose Chandler to win, but most felt that Hooker was too dangerous for him and even more durable. Almost everyone expected McGregor to win the rematch, but he didn’t because he fell one-on-one in the series with Poirier.

A new elite face has been added to the UFC’s £ 155 division. The UFC ranked fourth after making its most impressive UFC debut in sports history. Also, McGregor has completed a second trilogy. It’s interesting to see what the UFC has decided to do in this sector.

Dan Hooker took off his gloves inside the octagon after the fight, so it should be assumed that he will not compete again soon. That generally means that the fighter is retired.

This is probably due to the fact that he was part of two brutal wars last year, just finished in the first round and has been unable to see his family for quite some time following this. .. Defeat by the Covid-19 protocol.

As mentioned earlier, there are no competitive matches booked at this time. In fact, only Carlos Diego Ferreira in 10th place will face 13th place Benil Darish in UFC Vegas 18 to sign the fight in the top 10 overall.

The battle will be a rematch and Ferreira will have a chance to take revenge on his first defeat. This happened a month after McGregor knocked out Poirier at UFC 178 in 2014.

Except for these two, the lightweight rank is increased by one, and 14th place Islam Makhachev will face Drew Dober in UFC259.

This isn’t the best match the UFC can give Makhachev, they should be Give him a top opponent to move forward in the division, which is an obvious battle.

Makhachev was defeated once and was KO’d early in Round 1 by Adriano Martins in 2015. Dover is an amateur Muay Thai champion and has the power of the most dangerous One Punch Man in the category.

The UFC wants to help Makhachev overcome the hurdles of dangerous knockout artists. This is a good idea for his growth. But what happens next for the top candidates?

Now, Dana White said at a UFC 257 post-match press conference that Poirier and Chandler want to face each other for the vacant UFC lightweight championship, but Poirier has it. did not.

Poirier doesn’t want to give a whole new look to the promotion, given that he has been with the UFC since the beginning of 2011. Needless to say, Chandler was a backup for UFC 254, and Poirier was supposed to fight Tony Ferguson the night. ..

It didn’t go very well with Poirier and Ferguson.

But that’s good because Chandler seems happy to face someone in the top five. If Poirier actually refuses to fight Chandler, there are several things the UFC can do.

UFC was able to put Poirier in 3rd place Charles Oliveira For free straps. Oliveira won his last eight straight games in seven finishes.

He has won the first and second knockout wins in a row in his UFC career, almost finishing 39-1 professional kickboxing champion David Teymur on strike, and the longtime top five candidate and Eddie Bravo BJJ black belt. I submitted Tony Ferguson.

If it doesn’t end immediately when the first round ends, Oliveira will also have an eight-round finish streak. The leaps and limits that this kid has achieved in his game are amazing, and perhaps no one, with the exception of Poirier, is as lightweight and competitive as he deserves a title shot.

This will put Justin Gaethje in second place against Chandler, which will be a truly epic battle. Six WSOF Lightweight Champions will face six Bellator Lightweight Champions. Will this battle sell?

If that doesn’t happen, Poirier can rematch Gaethje for a vacant title, given that he is the last two interim champions at £ 155. Needless to say, their first fight was insane. Gaethje’s grit and determination in the fight to never end was truly amazing, not to mention the end of Gaethje himself.

Gaethje fired a 50-leg kick to Poirier in the fight. He first dropped Poirier on a leg kick in just 90 seconds in Round 1, and Poirier gathered power to finish Gaethje in Round 4 in 33 seconds.

It will bring Chandler to face Oliveira. It’s a great fight and will certainly be the title eliminator, but Oliveira deserves to fight for the belt next. He shouldn’t have to do anything else to get the shot.

Gaethje, the last man to defeat Ferguson before Oliveira, fought for Belt shortly thereafter. Oliveira defeated Gaethje as dominantly as Gaethje. Almost all of us know, these are the four lightweights included in the title photo, to say the least.

Besides the title image, there are some pretty great fights. Now that McGregor has lost, the fight against Ferguson makes more sense than ever, especially in the way he lost. Ferguson’s legendary 12-game streak was, of course, stopped by Gaethje and Oliveira.

Given that the brutal McGregor of defeat was handed over, this battle makes sense all over the world. The UFC can also put together McGregor vs. Nate Diaz III, as Dana White recently said he was in talks with Diaz for a lightweight return.

If that doesn’t happen, who wouldn’t want to see Diaz vs. Ferguson? If so, McGregor would be left without a fight, so that couldn’t happen, right? Wrong.

Does anyone remember why the Battle of Diaz happened in the first place? Because McGregor had reached up to £ 155 to challenge the lightweight belt after receiving a featherweight belt from Jose Aldo.

It was light weight king Rafael Dos Anjos who intended to compete for the title for the second time. Of course, Dos Anjos broke his leg and withdrew from the match, and the UFC put together McGregor vs. Diaz for £ 170 in an 11-day notice.

Dos Anjos is back for £ 155. He had just returned in November and moved up to 7th place with a dominant victory over Paul Felder in 9th place. We were finally able to see this battle. 2016 is still a very exciting battle.

McGregor also said he loved this match after playing against Poirier before UFC 257, so he played against Poirier again, so will this be his next match? Currently, there are many great fights to take at £ 155. It’s very exciting to see.

For Habib Nurmagomedov, the world’s best lightweight, and perhaps the best martial arts fighter ever, to leave the sport, all these names are still £ 155. This department is very stacked and will not change immediately.

No matter how the UFC decides to split the lightweight division, it’s a great fight for everyone in the top 8-10 to match each other.

There are so many celebrities in this department. If that’s what it says, four of them are on the UFC’s Top £ 15 Pound for Pound list. Needless to say, there were five lightweights on the list before Ferguson lost to Oliveira.

Who would you like to see fighting in the UFC Lightweight Championship next?

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What’s Next in the UFC Lightweight Division? What’s Next in the UFC Lightweight Division?

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