What’s on the 2021 Game Wish List?

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Ask Kotaku this week: What’s on the 2021 game wishlist?

Planet-sized Samus? Idk, sure.

Planet-sized Samus? Idk, sure.
image: Nintendo


Can i get a new one Metroid this year?know Prime 4 It’s a loophole. That’s good. How about side-scrolling?

It also reduces your anger at the ridiculous things in the game and gives you more energy about what’s important. More mutual respect, more consideration, more patience, more openness to different sincere views, more games that challenge us and show who each other, and more Much time-for developers, reviewers, players, everyone, and I’ve seen their days pinched by power beyond them.


Seriously, did you play this?
image: Capcom / Arica


2020 was a historic cluster in almost every conceivable way. A small corner of reality, the video gaming industry has exacerbated the turmoil by launching expensive, hard-to-find next-generation consoles during the holidays. Did you need them? Nothing in particular. But now that they are here, it’s time for them to start justifying their costs.

With that in mind, both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X / S are previous generation machines with more meaningful “next generation” exclusive features that make the new console more flexible and better. I hope to start breaking away from. For upgrades. (Especially the new Xbox has few next-generation exclusive products, contributing to the atmosphere of a “commodity game streaming VCR.”) After an incredibly disastrous year, I escaped technically novel. Ready for game entertainment. (Capcom, if you’re reading: Dragon’s Dogma 2.. Nice to meet you. )

Skepticism aside, I’m impressed that both Sony and Microsoft are incorporating solid 3D audio capabilities into their new consoles. Headphone virtualization can make the action sound like it’s happening around you. Well done, it adds a lot of fun to my gaming experience. We hope that next year, publishers will continue to promote this technology and that developers will take it seriously and implement it in any game that can be profitable. By the way, take audio mixing more seriously in general. It’s so important that too many games sound like mud.

Finally, no one said it needed to be realistic here, but I’m really looking forward to the resurgence of high-quality B-games and other mid-budget wonders. As the industry moved to HD visuals, development costs skyrocketed and there was a shortage of low-budget games. Regain your habit! Hidden jewels! King’s field And Armored core!! Klonoa And Maximo And R-Type!! Scuba diving, casual flying, demolition games!With Odd Ball Taito SNK Bewildered! Get away from the mascot platformer! The indie scene covers part of this area, but it’s more of a band-aid than a panacea. Give more random, more weird shit, more fun surprises. The industry lost something when mainstream publishers decided that it was worth betting only on large, expensive focus-grouped games.


This represents Ian’s general dissent.
screenshot: Capcom


I think the game is in a good place for 2021. Especially when you finally get the news and release date. Elden Ring In the next few months. Everything around the game makes spending time discussing the game a tragic experience.

Talking about video games has been fundamentally disastrous for years. Most of the time, I think video game people are good people. But when discussing the game, its implications, and the environment in which the game is being developed, the very loud minority does whatever it can to muddy the water and ruin the discourse. And while many can be revoked as reactionary chads, it goes without saying that this behavior has also been adopted by journalists, influencers and developers.

When it comes to what we’re looking for in a game in 2021, I think it’s more constructive to discuss the success of the game. And Failure. I’m afraid to say critical things about the release just because some idiot YouTubers, or worse, the directors of major studios are trying to send a horde of dislikes flooded with our mention. should not do. It only hinders us.

What’s more, the energy is much more productive if you aim to challenge the executives who make the game worse every turn anyway.


Be pretty sure that the scratches on your gun and Flowbee are sticking out, you tragically augmented the slim gym.
image: square Enix


I’m now in a first-person immersive sim set in a sarcastic, futuristic metropolis, where tech stores are more common than Starbucks, and modern social issues are being rethought as paper-thin parables. Do you know what to give?Of course I’m talking about another entry Deus Ex series. If August next year rolls without a word, it means Adam Jensen has been radio-sealed for half a year.

Maybe I’m panicking unnecessarily.After all, there was a five-year gap between them Deus Ex: Human Revolution (2011) and Deus Ex: Human Division (2016), both developed by Eidos Montreal.Tentatively, the studio pushed the 2013 multiplayer mode tomb Raider Reboot and cross-generational resurrection thief, Cult Classic Stealth Series.

But maybe I’m not.In the last 5 years, Eidos Montreal has released Shadow of the Tomb Raider I sold it with this year’s lukewarm water the Avengers, as a result Partnership in early 2017 With Square Enix. This is the same output as the previous 50 year period, report 2017: The Aidos apparently flashed back Deus Ex To focus on Marvel games Guardian of the galaxy.. Three years later, it has not yet been (officially) announced.There is also the small problem that we have never heard of any pity about others Deus Ex.. 2013, Eidos Show off A glimpse of the “next generation” Deus Ex..

Considering everything, the future Deus Ex It doesn’t look bright. But a man can hope, right?

Oh yeah, then there’s a pipe dream: for everyone to get a little better with each other, for the pendulum of the discourse to become more unstable, for everyone to have an easier year, and for the deployment of the covid-19 vaccine. Proceed as smoothly as possible. All online connections are good, but offline connections (concerts, conventions, happy hour debates) are very much overlooked.


I think it’s 3. But bad calligraphy.
image: Platinumgames


For my wishlist, I would like gamemakers to think more about which options to add. character creator.. I understand that the limits of development mean that I don’t have sliders or options for every little different thing that a part of the human body might have, but what the author chose to include. And what doesn’t include is a conversation about the implications of making a variety of video games that can produce meaningful needs. In 2021, body size options, various hair textures (creators have reached that, but the equivalence between straight and non-straight hair options is still far away), and perhaps hearing and mobility. You need a more thoughtful character creator, including sexual assistance. It’s worth the chance to see yourself in a game that everyone plays.

About other wishes: ctrl-f Bayonetta 3, 0 0 was found. My colleague is slipping!PlatinumGames please, it has been 3 years Since announcing the third entry of Bayonetta The series and we haven’t heard a word since then. What are the trailers, artwork, and the peak of new hairstyles my girl has at this time of year? I take anything, my crop is dying!

How about you?

KotakuWeighed, but what do you think? Where do you want to go for your game hobby in 2021? Will the trend you want to see continue, will the trend you want to see start, or is it just the specific game you really want to play? Please give us your opinion! We’ll be back next Monday to discuss and discuss another otaku issue. See you in the comments!

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