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The Dallas Cowboys repelling Ezekiel Elliott were restricted in the first half of the team’s Thanksgiving match against the Las Vegas Raiders.

The Dallas Cowboys attack in the Thanksgiving match against the Las Vegas Raiders was already without top wide receivers Amari Cooper and CeeDee Lamb.

In the first half, after playing the first few games, it became clear that Elliott wasn’t on the field. He appeared in the second half of the second quarter to record a touchdown on the goal line. That was his only play in the quarter.

The reason for his limited play was to deal with a knee injury that Elliott neglected.

What’s wrong with Ezekiel Elliott’s knees?

Elliott has been working on knee problems in many of the campaigns. In a match against Kansas City Chiefs last week, Elliott temporarily left the game and dragged on after play.He finally remained in the game

This week, Elliott was actually restricted on Monday, but is back in full on Tuesday.Later, it was revealed that the chiefs’ injuries worsened again in the running back, but that was He planned to play..

When entering the Thanksgiving match, Elliott’s knee injury Described as a bruise on the bone..

With Elliott taking the backseat, it opened up an opportunity for Tony Polard. The Cowboys run game didn’t have a big impact on Las Vegas defense, but Elliott recorded the aforementioned touchdown and Polard returned a 100-yard kickoff for the touchdown.

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What’s wrong with Zeke’s knees? What’s wrong with Zeke’s knees?

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