WhatsApp repeats that the account will not lose functionality on May 15th

WhatsApp will not immediately remove access to the app or its features on May 15 for users who do not agree to the new privacy policy.

WhatsApp Users who do not agree to the new privacy policy by the May 15 deadline have repeatedly stated that they will not immediately lose access to the app or its features. The platform published a new privacy policy and new terms of use in early January with the aim of improving the ability of users to send messages to their business. However, the combination of users unfamiliar with previous policies and poor communication of changes has led to a huge backlash.

The· Changes outlined by WhatsApp Many people automatically share with Facebook phone numbers, transaction data, service-related information, mobile device information, IP addresses, and most importantly, how users interact with others. I came to believe that it would be done. WhatsApp has been moved to delay changes I tried to reassure the user and explain that it wasn’t. Information such as contacts, communication logs, locations, and importantly messages remain private, outlining how to share some data between platforms to improve communication with businesses on Facebook. Did.Ann The first February 8 deadline for users to agree to the new policy has been postponed Until May 15th, give time to digest and understand the updates.

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With that in mind, WhatsApp explained that users who disagree with the policy will initially receive repeated requests before some of the app’s features stop working. You can’t use the app, And finally, after a period of inactivity, the account will be deleted.Report Next web And XDA developer Here, WhatsApp repeats these intents, but shows that the process is step-by-step and provides a number of reminders.

WhatsApp is saying? What does that mean for users?

WhatsApp graphics about what has changed and what hasn't changed in the privacy policy

The WhatsApp statement allegedly says: “The majority of users who received the new Terms of Service accepted them, but thank you for not having the opportunity to do so yet. The account will be deleted on May 15th due to this update. Nothing, no one loses. There’s also WhatsApp features. We’ll send people reminders over the next few weeks. “

You wouldn’t expect your account to be deleted on May 15th, but WatsApp probably guarantees to be as clear as possible in communicating on this issue. Your account will not lose functionality. Good news for users who for some reason did not agree to the new policy. However, the changes are much less burdensome than originally thought, so WhatsApp users can rest assured Before when the inevitable reminders to accept come.

After them the problem will come back to mind “several weeks” Browsed and users face changes that need to be accepted or the service is unavailable. After all, WhatsApp simply needs a cutoff at some point because it can’t have a segment of users who don’t accept the terms indefinitely.

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Source: Next web, XDA developer

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WhatsApp repeats that the account will not lose functionality on May 15th

https://screenrant.com/whatsapp-privacy-policy-may-15-deadline-refusal-consequences/ WhatsApp repeats that the account will not lose functionality on May 15th

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