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Roger Federer was the dominant figure in men’s tennis from 2004 to 2007, winning an incredible 42 ATP titles and losing in just 24 games. The Swiss began their defeat in 2008, but were pushed to the limit by a new generation led by Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray, and finally lost the world.

First place in August, four and a half years later. Novak Djokovic abdicated him at the Australian Open. A few weeks later, Andy Murray did it in Dubai and defeated Roger 6-7, 6-3, 6-4 in 1 hour 55 minutes in a very rare first round encounter!

In other words, Andy was ranked 11th. This shows Dubai’s strength that year, and despite standing just outside the top ten, it didn’t get a seed spot. It was their third meeting and the second victory for the 20-year-old Britons. The Britons did not face break chances throughout the encounter, sticking to his plans and overwhelming Roger at the crucial moment.

The Swiss fought well in the first set after dropping from 5-2 in a tiebreaker. Still, he couldn’t stay on the same level as his next two rivals, losing one serve each and hitting the exit door in four title-winning events over the last five years.

Andy served only 55%, but after landing the first serve and scoring 48 out of 53 points, he was able to successfully defend the second serve. The youth outperformed Roger in the shortest and medium distance exchanges, but Switzerland had a slight advantage in longer rallies (theoretically it should have been the opposite).

This was Federer’s first defeat since the Indian Wells in 2007 and was not particularly pleased with Andy’s defensive playing style. I thought he would have done it.

If he intends to play this way, he will need to grind it very hard in the next few years. He stands behind the courtroom. You have to run a lot and he tends to wait for his opponent’s mistakes. I made a mistake to him, but overall, in his 15-year career, I want to score points more often than waiting for other guys to make a mistake.

Who knows, he may surprise us all, “Roger Federer said.

Roger Federer lost to Andy Murray in the opening round of Dubai in 2008.

They took just over 25 minutes to complete the first 10 games, but they had a great hit on both sides and had no chance of a repeater.

The set entered a tiebreaker, Andy built a 5-2 lead and Roger returned to 5-5 after a forehand error from a young opponent. The Swiss saved the setpoint at 5-6 with the winner of the service and hit another for his first setpoint.

He grabbed it with a solid forehand attack that Murray couldn’t control, and eagerly broke Andy’s rhythm in Set 2 as soon as possible to achieve that finish stroke. Federer reached Deuce on the return of Game 3, but Murray avoided further trouble after Roger’s two errors. This turned out to be very costly.

The Britons made their first break point 3-2, blasting the cross-court forehand winner to take the lead and move forward 4-2. The hold of romance gave him full control of the set, and he brought it home with momentum in front of the game 9 service winners and decision makers for 6-3.

Roger played far away from the vest, dodging two breaks at the start of the final set, staying positive and increasing his chances. The Swiss got a simple forehand that could give them their first break chance in Game 2, and Andy held after two deuces.

Briton made a decisive move in Game 5 when he took Roger’s serve with a 3 to 2 advantage before winning Game 10. Andy wins in the best possible way, beats the winners of the four services and emerges as winners, the number one in the world!

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When Andy Murray surprises Roger Federer on the blockbuster Dubai R1 When Andy Murray surprises Roger Federer on the blockbuster Dubai R1

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