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When buying and selling

When buying a house:

Our job is to help you value the market, value the opportunities and values ​​in that market, and make the best choices for you and your family. We can help you find a home that meets your family and financial needs in a way that reduces the stress and anxiety associated with buying a new home.

Our focus is on creating lifelong clients. Our role is to serve people who value integrity, high ethical standards and successful outcomes. Our job is to provide objective counseling and professional and knowledgeable agents in the field of real estate to assist in the acquisition of properly selected real estate that will serve as a family unit and the current and future economic foundation. That is. It is our basic role to help them achieve their goals and dreams for themselves and their families.

When selling your home:

We work for you at every stage! Our combination of skills, experience and technology will enable you to sell your home at the highest possible price and in the shortest possible time. There are tools to meet the demands of the highly competitive modern market.

Our unique automated internet marketing system Online Presence: Available 24 hours a day!

Our online marketing system gives you access to information 24 hours a day, giving you immediate and direct response to each and every prospect. From our website, future buyers can quickly get information about your home. They can visit our site 24 hours a day and see your property list! Through our personal home search, your list will be emailed to all potential buyers in our database where your home meets their criteria. In addition, it will be automatically emailed to future buyers.

Traditional marketing

As soon as you list us and your home, we enter your home into the Multiple List Services (MLS) database. Other agents can quickly access your property information on your computer. In addition, your property is included on our website. We also publish it regularly on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. In addition to blogging on our website and monthly electronic newsletter, we will send direct mail to potential buyers introducing your property.

The price of your home

When you think about it, there are several other homes for sale that compete with your home. We help you set competitive prices in your home to attract qualified buyers. The way to do this is to generate a Comparative Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) report. This report shows the various prices paid for homes in your area. You can fill out our online form to get a feel for the market value of your home.

Every step of the road …

We do not forget to work for you at every stage to ensure that you get the best possible price for your home in the shortest possible time.

When buying and selling

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