When can I download and play Destiny 2: PS5 / Xbox Series X Updates?

Destiny 2 is almost ready to launch a huge next-generation update with improved frame rates, load times, graphics enhancements, and new features. This update adds a 120fps option to PvP Crucible, December 8th, 9am (Pacific Standard Time).. Destiny 2 has been playable on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S since the system’s launch, but this update greatly enhances games on these platforms.

Bungie details Destiny 2 Update 3.0.1. This introduces a number of changes to all versions of the game, but greatly enhances the next-generation console. The game can be played across generations, so PS5 players, for example, can still team up with friends on PS4 after the update.

However, one thing that this update probably won’t do is bring back the trial version of Osiris. To do that, you have to wait until December 18th.

Destiny 2 has recently undergone some major changes with the Beyond Light extension, and the game changes and continues to evolve over time. Everything that comes on December 8th, including the Prophecy Dungeon, is here.

Destiny 2 Update 3.0.1 Notes


  • The Prophecy Dungeon will return to Destiny 2 on December 8, 2020.
    • This endgame activity is free for all players.
    • Strong rewards can be earned once a week from each checkpoint.
    • Players can complete the dungeon once a week to get the best rewards.
    • Previously featured weapon and armor rewards will be available again.

Destiny Companion App-Bounty

  • Starting next week, players will be able to win prizes from Destiny 2 vendors using the Destiny Companion app.
    • Bounties can only be earned if the player is offline, in orbit, or in the tower.
  • It will be introduced through a companion app update scheduled for December 8, 2020.
    • For more information on updating this companion app, please visit @ BungieHelp.

New Light – Solved Problems

  • Fixed an issue with the New Light subclass quest where Ikora waypoints were suppressed.
  • Fixed an issue where veteran players with two characters in the same class were blocked from getting subclasses.
  • Fixed an issue where the New Light Pursuit Steps did not give experience.
  • Fixed an issue where players who skipped shotgun chests on their first mission did not receive special ammo when the shotgun was granted.

Lost light monument

  • Fixed an issue where exotic archive vendor waypoints would keep blinking for players who own all exotics.


  • Collection badges and armor select the player’s class correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the UI would forget which page the player was viewing after previewing an item in the collection.
  • Fixed a bug where incorrect sources were listed in some new armor mod collections.


  • Updated Control and Clash Mercy rules to prevent them from being triggered early in the match.
  • Fixed an issue that could result in a “survivor” medal being awarded to a player who lost during the round.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t get the “Untouchable” medal.

Beyond Light Exotic

  • Icefall mantle
    • Fixed a bug where the Icefall Mantle description didn’t mention the slow field that was generated when activated.
  • Bakris mask
    • Improved readability of visual effects when another player wearing the Mask of Bakris moves directly towards you.
    • Updated the Mask of Bakris perks description string to correctly describe the damage bonus. This applies only to combatants and affects all arc weapon damage and all damage to slowed or wrapped enemies.
      • In addition, this damage bonus has been fixed to an issue that applies to players who are thrown or cased in Crucible and Gambit.
  • Necrotic grip
    • Fixed an issue where “killed by an architect” would appear when killed by the effect of a necrotic grip.

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