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Even without playing, Roger Federer keeps recording records one after another. The Swiss tennis player “In this case” took advantage of the frozen rankings to remain in the top five overall in 2020. Moreover, this possibility has made Roger Federer the first tennis player to start the season in history. 19 consecutive seasons.

Top 10. So instead, at the age of 18, he overtook Andre Agassi, who had held this particular record for some time. American tennis players set this record in the Top 10 in 1988, leaving the Top 10 just before their 36th birthday in 2006, and almost 18 years after their first entry.

Roger Federer, meanwhile, was ranked in the top 15 for the first time after the Roland Garros 2001 quarter-finals, waiting another year to defeat Marat and make it into the top 10 with the Masters 1000 victory in Hamburg. Safin in the final.

After that, the young Swiss came out of the top ten, but returned in October and stayed in the top ten. Roger Federer’s number is huge and Swiss tennis players, along with Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, are considered one of the greatest tennis players in history.

Along with Nadal of Spain, he is the most grand slam tennis player in history (20), leading the rankings ahead of Novak Djokovic, who is currently stopped at 17. In a recent podcast, Ivan Ljubicic spoke in detail about Roger Federer’s tactical and interpersonal relationships Intelligence.

According to the Croats, Federer used the brains of his “genius” to build an unmistakable heritage that would withstand the challenges of time, no matter what the record book shows.

Ljubicic reflects Roger Federer’s legacy

“In court, Roger Federer is smart, and outside the court, he’s smart,” Ivan Ljubicic said.

“I think his brain is great. It’s just underestimated. That is, he’s a genius both in and out of court, and I think that’s what makes him the greatest. You Knows, we don’t know how many weeks of slams or weeks are these in number one, that is, how do you know what these careers will look like at the end of his career It means, but his legacy is far beyond.

According to a 41-year-old, it proved to be beneficial while coaching 20 Grand Slam champions. “I’ve played Roger 16 times, so I’m sure he’s the player I’ve played the most,” Ljubic said.

“This is the best way to understand the players you know. It’s less informative when viewed from the side and much more when viewed from behind the court. Seen from inside the court, from inside the court. And much more, but playing against a player gives you the most.

When I started coaching Roger six years ago, there were a lot of players on the tour. That means the majority of the players I played against, “he added. Guidance that you know that I know how these people are in court. ”

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“When I started coaching Roger Federer six years ago …” says top coach. “When I started coaching Roger Federer six years ago …” says top coach.

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