When life feels hard: how to survive the day from the bottom of my heart

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“If today becomes difficult, the smell of coffee, the sunshine bounces through the windows, the laughter of your favorite people, the feelings of your favorite song, the color of the sky at dusk, and we are here. We will take care of each other. “~ Nanea Hoffman

I’m exhausted now. I will definitely hit it. I undertook more work than I could comfortably accomplish within my available time, I felt in the weather for a while, and my 18-month-old son had yet another sleep It is in the regression of.

Whether I’m caring for him or working, I do something seven days a week most of the time. And, like many of us, given the limits of a pandemic, I feel that there are few places to have fun and relax, even if you have the time.

I know I rarely complain. I am relatively healthy and my loved ones are also healthy. All basic needs are met. And I have a lot to thank. However, I still find my days overwhelming and painful.

Maybe you can get involved — and maybe it’s even worse for you.

Maybe you are suffering from mental health problems from months of quarantine. Or you’ve lost some of your work or time and are trying to find a way to pay your bill. Or you are dealing with a sick loved one and the responsibility feels unbearably too much.

If you’re in that overwhelming place right now-if you’re frustrated and burned out, or at the end of your rope-I understand that. It’s true. And I don’t have a simple answer to those very realistic and perhaps insurmountable problems.

However, things don’t always look.And no matter what happens, there are some things we can do to help all of us get over ourselves. This day.. Our sanity is not compromised. As a result, we are less annoyed, more grounded, and better able to handle everything that the future may bring.

Here are some careful ways I approach on days when everything feels too much:

1. Do only what you can achieve with a single task.

When I have to do more than one thing at a time, it feels like everything is failing, judging myself and my efforts and inevitably comes to my mind, so it’s very hard to witness I think it’s difficult.

Also, when the tasks overlap, I don’t enjoy anything, even if there are other fun tasks such as spending time with my son or writing. It’s like having 20 tabs open in your head, with music and video clips and Netflix shows playing at the same time. All good, but not all at once!

Even in peacetime, parents in particular have to multitask. There’s a lot to do between childcare, housework, and real work. But still, I sought a lot of help and realized that I could simply let go of some things. You can wash the dishes later. Or make an uncooked lunch. Or don’t do some of the things I want to do. But you don’t really have to do it on this site.

This is not an easy task for a perfectionist. We want to think that we can do everything. And you can do everything well. And if we can’t, we’re working hard on ourselves. But in the end, if I couldn’t reasonably achieve all of my to-do list, I started telling myself that the problem was my workload, not me.

So do one thing at a time and if you find it not easy, ask yourself if it’s correct. Really It’s true. Or, if you’re just obsessed with busyness, you can feel productive, give control, and avoid emotions you don’t want to face.

2. Enjoy the little things.

It sounds cliché, and I know it is, but this is really a lifesaver. When you feel overwhelmed in your days, those little moments can be of great help in creating a sense of balance, even if your life is not so balanced.

Instead of scrolling and swiping, spend 5 minutes tasting tea or coffee. Dance to your favorite song, belt the lyrics and feel in your heart. It takes a few minutes to see the moon and stars at night and get a little lost in the beauty of the night and the vastness of the universe.

The other day, after experiencing a special burden with my son, I noticed that the moon looked like someone had drawn it. It was really great — more complete and much orange than usual — and I don’t remember it looking so beautiful so far.

So I stared. I didn’t stop thinking, I just stopped because it was so spectacular. And a few minutes later, I felt calm. I meditated without even just appreciating something that I might otherwise have missed. Even though it’s huge and right above the sky I can see.

Take a moment to be amazed at something you can’t enjoy unless you consciously choose to focus. Look at what you can’t see when you’re in a hurry. Listen to what you can’t hear when you’re stressed. Get caught up in your senses so that everything else seems to stop for a moment, as things don’t really stop. So it must be us who do it.

3. If you start to worry about the future or regret the past, make an inventory of your current strengths.

If you relive the difficult days of the past or worry about the difficult days of the future, the difficult days will become infinitely difficult. But when we begin to indulge in the thoughts of the loser, our minds are like magnets to the negative. It’s like looking back and forth in time with a dark, depressing spotlight after applying a gray filter.

Therefore, instead of rehashing the past or worrying about the future, focus on all current strengths that will help you avoid making the same mistakes and address future issues.

Think about everything you have overcome and how it shaped you. Maybe you are witty, adaptable, or open-minded. Maybe you are determined, disciplined, or empathetic in a way that helps you connect with people and create a support system.

Instead of worrying about what the world can do for you, find the strength of who you are because of what you have experienced. And at this moment, believe that you can rely on those strengths to help you. What will happen to the future?

And even better, find a way to use one of these strengths right now.

The other day, I started to worry about my plans for the beginning of next year. There are so many things floating in the air right now, and as always, there are so many things I can’t control.

Then I’ve been in many new situations throughout my life, and I remember being always adaptable and witty. I find a way to get things to work and get the most out of them. Even if I don’t always trust it, I’ll be able to do it in the future.

So, at that moment, when I was overwhelmed and overwhelmed, I decided to make the most of my situation by playing my favorite music, taking a break from work and watching my son dance. The day wasn’t perfect, but as I did, the moment was perfect.

4. Practice small acts of self-care.

There was a time when there were plenty of opportunities for self-care. Before my baby was born, I could easily do an hour and a half yoga class, take a walk on the beach or take a bath.

Nowadays, I tend to stretch the sound of the ocean for 10 minutes, take a deep breath for 5 minutes (because I don’t live near the beach), and take a careful shower.

There was a time when I thought it wasn’t worth the effort. I’m an All or Nothing person! However, days with 25 minutes of self-care are spaced apart and feel much better than days without self-care at all.

Here are some of my favorite small self-care acts:

  • Read a chapter or a few pages of a book for fun
  • Wear a facial mask and feel refreshed and rejuvenated
  • Do nothing at all for 5 minutes.Just sit down and take yourself
  • Call someone who loves to catch up
  • Lying on the wall with your feet calming your muscles and relaxing your mind
  • Apply lotion to your hands and massage to relieve tension
  • Eat healthy foods instead of processed snacks or drink green juice
  • Doodle for a few minutes and reconnect with my creative brain
  • Check in yourself and ask, “What do you need now?” Then give it to yourself, such as a break, a glass of water, or a walk around the room.
  • Do what your child enjoys, such as doing stupid dances to your favorite songs

5. Practice a fundamental self-assessment.

If I feel better, I think my hard days will be much easier. It’s not always easy when a day feels painful, as you often find a way to blame yourself for the difficulties. May I not be good enough or strong enough. Or I didn’t make the right choice, and that’s why things now feel so difficult.

To counter this, imagine I’m looking at someone who loves to live my life, and what do I say to them if they feel overwhelmed or depressed by themselves? Think about.

I’ve always been so sympathetic to my sister that I’ve even become a habit of sometimes mentally calling myself a “sister.”

So when I’m having a hard time, “Sister, you’re fine! No one I know can do as much as you.

And as a more preemptive act of self-esteem, I try to check in myself all day to record what I’m doing well. And sometimes it’s not about doing, it’s about being.

Understanding when you really want to make a decision is a great job.

Good for you to be thoughtful when you may have been swept away by yours.

How to keep reducing your slack now, even if you feel like you’re crazy about today’s life!

From my personal experience, I know that when we beat ourselves at every stage of the road, we feel that difficult days are even more exhausted. It’s like walking in a storm, carrying your swaying twins on your back.

The storm is less ferocious as it is kind to ourselves, but the journey is much less burdensome when we consciously love ourselves through it.

— —

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