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Roger Federer has won the “Fan’s Favorite ATP Award” for the 18th consecutive year (another record posted on his personal bulletin board), and Swiss champions are scattered around the world at this time of Christmas. I wanted to thank all the fans. I wanted to show him their great affection once again.

“I would like to thank everyone who won the fan’s favorite ATP award again, and thank ATP and all the tennis fans who voted for me, showing that they believe in me. , A big wish to meet again in the field of the world circuit.

I am training hard to achieve this. I hope you can play right away in front of you. I am very grateful for the words of the Swiss champion. The Swiss champion is recovering from this 2020 double knee surgery, and the Covid-19 pandemic stands out.

Recently, the current fifth place in the world has thrilled millions of fans, saying he’s still not sure if he’ll be in the Australian Open. I’m not feeling well yet. It has become.

But Federer’s side is happy to come back. Even if it doesn’t happen in Australia, fans want it to happen in late 2021. But the Swiss enjoyed Christmas and didn’t want to miss the message of good wishes. In this delicate moment of the whole world.

“I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year-Federer said-obviously I hope things will be better for everyone in 2021. For now it takes a bit of patience, I’m looking forward to seeing you again.

Simona Halep, the world’s second-largest player, recently thought about Roger Federer and celebrated his success on the court and his friendliness off the court.

Halep comments on Roger Federer’s career

In a recent interview with Digisport, the Romanians commented that when Roger Federer called it a day, the tennis community was going to lose a lot.

“It wouldn’t be a tragedy to retire at the age of 40 as Federer. For our sport, for his colleagues, we would miss him very much.” Simona Halep went on to say 20 times in a row. The qualities of Roger Federer who named the Grand Slam champion a “genius”

But the Romanians understand that Federer must eventually begin to focus on other priorities in his life. “He was an idol for our entire generation, a very civilized man both outdoors and outdoors, sensible and warmly welcomed by everyone,” Halep continued.

“From my point of view, being a genius, it’s sad for Federer to lose sports, but when he decides this, I think it’s a wise decision. Life means something other than tennis. Increasingly, he is old and what he has achieved is enormous. ”

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“When Roger Federer decides this, it’s …” says Grand Slam Champion. “When Roger Federer decides this, it’s …” says Grand Slam Champion.

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