“When Roger Federer retires, it becomes a tragedy.” – Tennis Sports

World’s No. 2 and two-time major champion Simona Halep still remembers how he met Roger Federer at Wimbledon. The talented junior received a signature from a Swiss star and received some inspiring words that encouraged her to push harder and pursue her tennis dream.

As you know, Simona has achieved them and has become the best in the world. Once in 2017, he won two major titles at Roland Garros 2018 and Wimbledon 2019. In 2020, Romanians played in two tournaments, winning consecutive titles in Dubai, Prague and Rome after reaching the Australian Open semifinals.

Halep suffered a terrible defeat to Iga Sifion at Roland Garros in the final game of the season, worked hard for the new season and expected a more notable title in her tally. Roger was one of the advocates of the Romanian when he took the WTA throne without a major and praised her work ethic and coherence.

Halep knows that Roger will have to retire someday and calls it the tragedy of our sport, but more than the tennis court where he achieved everything and led many generations to tennis. I understand that personal life and family are important.

Unlike Halep, Federer hasn’t made it to the upcoming Australian Open, skipping the entire 2020 season and working on a comeback. The Swiss advanced to the semi-finals in Melbourne in January, then suffered a knee injury and took longer to recover and re-appear in court.

Simona Halep talked with Roger Federer about his legacy.

Roger had surgery in February and May and couldn’t play after the season resumed, so he turned to 2021 and decided to miss the rest of the year. A few weeks ago, Federer said the recovery at the Australian Open would be tough. February.

That turned out to be true, and he hoped that the six-time champion would withdraw from the season’s opening major event, remain in Dubai’s practice grounds, and compete again in late February or early March.

By the time he turns 40 in August next year, Roger is still at his best and is keen to fight for another year or two for a notable title. “When I saw Roger, I didn’t know how to react. I handed him a badge timidly and asked him if he could sign it.

He was very kind, spent a few seconds chatting and gave me words of encouragement. When Roger retires, it will be a tragedy for all of us. He was a generation-wide idol, achieved everything in court and stood as a role model for many.

But his private life is more important than tennis itself, so we will have to respect his decision. ”

– Tennis Sports

“When Roger Federer retires, it becomes a tragedy.” “When Roger Federer retires, it becomes a tragedy.”

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