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Todd Gililand seemed to have the dominant track in the race and led the restart on four out of 134 laps, but Eckes took the field 3 wide and topped with a stick out from Ben Rhodes. I jumped out.

Rhodes then approached Eckes and began to challenge the lead, but attention was focused on Wreck, who involved Tyler Hill on the final lap. It frozen the field and ensured Eckes’ victory at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway – his first victory in the 44 series begins.

The 20-year-old Eckes was running a partial schedule for ThorSport Racing at No. 98 Ford this season and was part of ThorSport’s 1-2-3-4 finish.

“You can look at my (statistics) and see how bad it is and how difficult it is (to race on the track),” Eckes said. “Damn, this is big. It was a tough year.

“Yes, that’s almost everything I can say, it’s been a tough year since last November. Hopefully I’ve shown that I can still do this.”

Eckes fought full-time at Kyle Busch Motorsport last season but did not return to the organization this year. A part-time ride at ThorSport was Eckes’ only NASCAR opportunity for the 2021 season.

Eckes’ Surprise Win happened on the night when John Hunter Nemechek, Chandra Smith, current champions Sheldon Creed, Zen Smith and Carson Joseber’s playoff drivers all performed poorly and finished below 22nd place.

Rhodes is currently leading the playoffs ahead of Nemechek, Stewart Freesen and Matt Crafton, as there are two races left before Championship 4 is set.

Rhodes finished 2nd in the race, Krafton 3rd, Johnny Sauter 4th and Gililand 5th.

Stage 3

After a break between Stage 2 and Stage 3, several tracks pitted in, but when the race returned to the green on lap 67, Joseber stayed and took over the lead.

On lap 71, Tyler Anklam loosened and began spinning on Turn 2, causing Chandler Smith to invade him and cause multiple car accidents that also brought together Hailie Deegan, Creed and Chase Purdy.

Creed appeared to have jumped into the apron to avoid an accident, but instead crashed into Chandler Smith’s parked truck.

The race returned to the green on lap 78 in front of Austin Hill, followed by Joseber, Tanner Gray, Sauter and Gililand.

On lap 81, Nemechek again stopped on the track without power, giving a seventh warning of the race.

Many trucks pitted while Brett Moffitt was on alert on the first off-pit road. On the 85th lap restart, Tate Fogleman remained on the track, followed by Brett Holmes and Mofit.

Mofit jumped to the top on lap 85 and saw Gililand’s power back on lap 86.

With 30 laps remaining, Gilliland, who was third by Freesen, led Eckes for about a second.

Drew Dollar and Jack Wood made contact on Turn 4 on lap 114 to draw another attention in the race. Most lead lap tracks will be pitted by Gililand on the first off-pit road.

In the restart on lap 118, Sauter was followed by Gililand, Eckes, Rhodes and Krafton.

Gililand returned to the lead without wasting time powering up around Sauter with new tires.

Joseber spun off Turn 4 when he was about to enter the pit road on lap 126, calling for the ninth attention of the race. NASCAR then penalized Hocevar for one lap for deliberately issuing a warning.

Gililand remained on the front line at the time of the restart with four laps remaining.

Stage 2

Gililand overtook Rhodes to win Stage 2 for the fourth time in the 2021 season.

Hocevar finished 3rd, Friesen 4th and Creed finished the top 5.

After a break between Stage 1 and Stage 2, all lead lap tracks will pit in with Gililand, which borders Nemecheck from the pit road. Sauter was penalized for uncontrolled tires during the stop and had to restart from behind the field.

On the 37th lap restart, Gililand was followed by Nemechek, Chandler Smith, Zain Smith and Eckes.

Freesen took the lead with a restart, and Gililand regained the top spot on lap 38.

NASCAR warned lap 40 about turn 3 debris as the left rear tire fell apart after Zane Smith came into contact with Nemechek, who was competing for position.

The race returned to the green on lap 46, with Gililand in front, followed by Rhodes and Freesen.

Rhodes lapped Gililand shortly after the restart and took the lead for the first time in the race. Gililand returned to the top on lap 51.

Nemechek slowed down due to power issues and finally stopped at the back stretch on lap 53, calling attention.

Gililand continued to lead the restart on lap 57.

Stage 1

Nemechek dominated the first stage, leading all 30 laps towards a stage 1 victory at Gililand.

Chandler Smith finished 3rd, Rhodes 4th and Freesen in the top five.

Nemechek started from the pole and stayed at the front while the race was on alert on lap 6 when Chris Hacker spun and destroyed Turn 4.

The race returned to the green on lap 9, with Nemecheck at the front, followed by Gililand and Freesen.

Nemecheck recorded 10 laps remaining in the first stage, with Chandler Smith in 3rd place, leading Gililand for nearly a second.

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When the playoff driver stumbles, Eckes surprises the Vegas truck’s victory When the playoff driver stumbles, Eckes surprises the Vegas truck’s victory

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