When was the last time you had a complete medical examination?

The week started sadly. Monday morning was morning, so I want to erase my memory as soon as possible. I was sitting at the breakfast table with my wife when my mother called me that my cousin Raji had a big heart attack and died before arriving at the hospital. It was a premature death. He was barely 40 years old, young and happy, and had no major worries. No one in the family had seen this coming, not even his wife.

He showed no signs of stress, anxiety, or any kind of illness. He wasn’t fat and didn’t live a sedentary life. So what happened? This idea has been annoying me ever since I heard what happened. As a doctor, I decided to dig deeper to find the root cause of the problem. After examining some of the family members, I found that I had a family history of heart disease and diabetes. Nevertheless, he has not had a blood test once in the last three years. Whenever I asked about getting a medical examination, he set it aside and said, “I think I’m healthy and don’t need to be stung unnecessarily.”

What makes us more angry is that we are a family of doctors, and some of my family are thinking about different things about health checkups and do regular health checkups. I feel that I don’t need it. Of illness. The importance of health examinations is only emphasized when encountering unpredictable health problems. Isn’t it better to be safe than to regret later?

When I say, make it loud and clear, there is a reason why blood tests have been invented and have enormous diagnostic value. Unfortunately, taking a blood test today is considered money to create a source of information for doctors. I don’t want to talk about blood tests today. I would like to emphasize the importance of having a full-body examination once a year, especially if you are over 30 years old. Timely health examinations can make all the differences between prevention and treatment. Especially when a unique lifestyle illness occurs every 10 years.

What is the harm I ask? What do you need to lose? If it’s money, can you reduce your weekend eating out or spend a month on shopping and use that money to learn about your health instead?

Many changes are left in 365 days in 30 days. We experience some ups and downs, and our bodies, whether physical or mental, undergo many exhaustion processes. The internal organs such as the heart, liver, and kidneys are designed to function non-stop, so that you can know the condition of organs and bones in real time so that you can make necessary lifestyle changes as needed. There is no harm.

You don’t necessarily have to pop the pills. Lifestyle changes can often make a big difference. If a machine works well with regular maintenance and checks, why do we accidentally leave the most important machine (our body) to us? You need to listen to your body, feel pain when it happens, and deal with the breakdown in a way that avoids its recurrence. You need to give your body a good fighting chance by living a healthy life supported by well-functioning internal organs.

Personally, an excellent comprehensive screening package containing basic vitamins such as CBC (complete blood count), lipids, kidneys (kidneys), liver profile, sugar test, thyroid, D and B12, even he or Even her is a must for every individual. I’m absolutely healthy. The Thyrocare Wellness 3 package covers all these tests and is available at the GOQii Health Store: https: //

Age is not a factor. People over the age of 30 should have a blood test at least once a year. This is an excellent comprehensive screening of the whole body, including the heart, liver and kidneys, along with important vitamins. We put a lot of effort into body care, but if our organs don’t support it, we don’t always get results.

A prerequisite for a healthy life is an annual comprehensive health checkup. You don’t have to step out to do the test. You can do it too from the convenience of your home! Hurry up and get a full health check now to be safe.


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