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For club executives Whether to manipulate service time The number of young players seemed like a steroid challenge for players in the 1990s. The team has the option to make decisions in full integrity. Some clubs operate this way. Fernando Tatisjuni For example, it was on the list of the 2019 Padres opening round.

However, teams that follow this path also run the risk of sacrificing the competitive advantage that most opponents have. Other teams will continue to control the best young players for longer and collect financial benefits in the process.This is Kevin Mother, former Mariners CEO Speaked out loud In a way that many of his peers never did before he had to resign. For many teams, manipulating service hours is a standard operating procedure.

If there was a time when even small market teams might feel they could avoid these dishonest decisions, it would be 2021, the last season before the current Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) expires. It may be. Some club officials believe they can handle some form of non-competitive behavior, such as manipulating service hours or tanking. Even the management side has a lot of feelings that something like this needs to be cleaned up.

Teams can make decisions based on the expectation that the rules may change in the next CBA, so even if you have the right players for minors in 2021, they will actually be in 2022 and beyond. May not be rewarded. And if top prospects are mysteriously stuck in Triple A or Double A due to Mother’s comments and increased use of social media to counter MLB, they could be scrutinized further. There is.

With all this in mind, here’s how we can handle the best prospects:

Andrew Vaughn, Chicago white sox
The White Sox masher has only 245 at-bats for minors after being ranked third overall in the 2019 draft.However, the team seems to be open-minded about the possibility of opening a season with Bourne in the big league and sharing time with first baseman and designated hitter. Jose Abreu.. Bourne will be 23 years old on April 3rd. Teams are usually worried about young players adapting to the role of DH. But the White Sox loves bone makeup. The White Sox also knows that as Abreu moves later in his career, he will probably benefit from more days in DH.May be like Jordan Alvarez, Bone is completely relieved as a DH.

Something else notable: The White Sox was very willing to put their core youth under contract- Tim Anderson, Yoan Moncada, Luis Robert And Eloy Jimenez.. Bourne seems to be a natural candidate for a multi-year contract.

JJ Bleday, Miami Marlins
Derek Jeter is one of the declining numbers of former players running the baseball operations division and is believed to be working for the Marlins outlook. Rather, Miami’s roster selection seems to be almost entirely based on benefits, so it would be interesting to see how to handle Bleday. Bleday, the fourth overall pick of 2019, played 38 High A games that season and did not play last year. In addition, the Marlins have some depth among outfielders. If MLB and the Players Association find a way to implement Universal DH in 2021, it will increase the chances of Bleday entering the Big League lineup.

Jarred Kelenic, Seattle Mariners
Kelenic’s knee injury put pressure on the Mariners and quickly promoted him to the big league. After he recovers, Seattle can start him as a minor to continue his growth-he played only 21 games over Double A-and he’s on the road to the big league. Wait for it to be forced.

Wander Franco, Tampa Bay Rays
The outlook for superstars is expected to start the year in minor leagues after losing the year of development in 2020. But he is a very advanced and wonderful athlete. If he dominates early, he could push the road to the big league during the 2021 season.When Willy Adames Founded by Tampa Bay shortstop, Franco may be more likely to break into another location, such as third base.

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When, why, and if some of these big league outlooks are seen in majors in 2021 When, why, and if some of these big league outlooks are seen in majors in 2021

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