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The 2021 Major Championship venue lineup does not tend to be described as inspirational by most people, except for the traditional stop in Augusta, Georgia. Scheduled host courses (scheduled terminology) are not lacking in redemption qualities. You certainly can’t complain about each global coordinate adjacent to water. Ocean courses at Kaiwer Island, Torrey Pines, and The Royal St George’s are respected, but only tend to suffer compared to more traditional options.

However, after the 2020 Major League Baseball Toss Salad due to the cancellation of the US Open and Masters Open Championships and the COVID-19 pandemic including the fall dates, a great relief to return to the traditional major calendar. So can we justify being really noisy? Let’s take a look at the championship that took place. on time. As scheduled. Maybe even with some fans in attendance.

Oh, and for that last item, it’s imperative that spectators be able to participate in this year’s “5th” Men’s Major Ryder Cup at Whistling Straits, Heaven, Wisconsin. The 43rd Ryder Cup, scheduled for September 24-26, was originally scheduled for this fall season in the United States, but was almost complete due to the inability to properly stage the popular biennial match. It was postponed to.

Kelly Hay, Chief Championship Officer of the Professional Golfers’ Association of America, has made a frank statement about how important it is for the Ryder Cup, which has returned to odd-numbered years for the first time since 1999, to be done correctly or not at all. If large rallies remain banned in the United States, the Ryder Cup will be canceled without being postponed for another year and the match could move to Rome in 2023 as scheduled.

“I’m not sure if it’s possible to change the schedule at Whistling Straits after this year or next year,” Hague told Golf Digest. “We are talking about an event with a unique atmosphere, so our hope and expectation is to be able to play it in the right way, with full crowd and full support. You might think it’s better for everyone by September, but if that’s not allowed, I don’t think it’s going to be played. “

Of course, many things would have happened before making a decision about the feasibility of the Ryder Cup. And much more will be known about COVID-19, safety protocols, the effectiveness of vaccines that have begun to roll out this week, and how they all affect golf’s biggest tournaments.

But as the New Year approaches, the status of the major championships is here.


April 8-11
Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, Georgia.

If the schedule is uninterrupted, in just five months, the 85th Master will be separated from the 84th Edition, which Dustin Johnson acquired in a record way last month. The short time frame does not interfere with the preparation of the golf course, but is it enough time for Augusta National to develop a strategy to bring patrons back to the premises? By then the vaccine may not yet be widely distributed. But can Master staff find a way to activate the test protocol?

Augusta National Chairman Fred Ridley said before this year’s tournament, “I don’t want to make medical predictions.” “But logically, as an amateur, it’s a vaccine, which is great when it happens, but it’s time to launch, and anything that could be pointed out as a silver bullet after April. It’s a kind of problem.

“I think there are some real opportunities in relation to testing,” Ridley added. “Our staff has explored them very deeply, and we have many people who are very interested in helping us, so we are really paying attention. That’s the feature. It’s already been developed, but it’s still being developed. If you can test a lot of people, that’s certainly a great situation. “

Augusta National Women’s Amateurs, canceled this year, will return to the week before the Masters, as well as Drive, Chip and Pat National Finals. The second edition of ANWA is scheduled for March 31-April 3 in a field of players who have accepted invitations to the 2020 Championship and are maintaining their amateur status. The DCP is scheduled for April 4th and will be attended by 2020 invitees.


PGA Championship
May 20-23
Ocean course on Kaiwer Island, South Carolina.

With a few minor tweaks, the Ocean Course, designed by the late Pete Die, has the same layout as Rory McIlroy won the first of his two PGA titles in 2012 with a record eight-stroke margin. is.

“I think the golf course itself is probably one of the most difficult golf courses in the country, depending on whether the wind blows or not,” said McIlroy, who saw McIlroy prosper eight years ago shooting a 13-under 275. Contained apparently thanks to much more rainfall.

The optimistic view that fans can roam the dunes of Kaiwer, as South Carolina is not currently subject to the same strict restrictions that some other states have enacted to combat the spread of the virus. there is. Tickets are sold out, and Mr. Hague said the company has strong support. He couldn’t say whether PGA of America officials would require vaccination to attend ticket holders.

“At this point, we haven’t decided on a specific plan,” Hague said. “We have Plan A. Hopefully everyone can come and we seem to be back to normal. But there is another Plan B and then the worst There is Plan C for the case. This had to be done at Harding Park without an audience this year. “

The 2020 PGA was postponed from May to August, and California-born Collin Morikawa won his first major title on the San Francisco public course. The Resort Layout Kaiwards Ocean Course will be the third consecutive public access facility to host the PGA Championship.


U.S. Open
June 17-20
Torrey Pines (South Course), La Jolla, CA.

An important point from a recent conversation with USGA’s John Boden Hammer is that qualifying will resume in all of the association’s championships. In fact, the men’s and women’s amateur walks qualifiers have already begun, two of the ten events that the USGA was forced to abandon in 2020.

Bowden Hammer, Senior Managing Director of the Championship, said: .. “We learned a lot about how to run the tournament from the four events we held. We look forward to a truly open championship next year.”

The four events collected by the USGA (in chronological order, US Women’s Amateur, US Amateur, US Open, and US Women’s Open) were called USGA’s “Rally Points.” “It was painful to have to cancel, especially in the oldest championships, and I was very proud to win as many champions as possible,” he added.

The success of the PGA of America’s August PGA Championship in San Francisco heralds the upcoming US Open at Torrey Pines (and the US Women’s Open at the Olympic Club in San Francisco as well). .. The USGA faces a tough window to prepare for both, but the organization is very familiar with each venue.

The 2008 US Open at Torrey Pines was a huge financial and competitive success as Woods overcame lower leg and knee injuries and won his third national title in the playoffs with Rocco Mediate. Marc Leishman of Australia won the latest event at Torrey Pines and hosted the 2020 Farmers Insurance Open last January.

The famous bomber Bryson DeChambeau won a six-stroke victory at the 120th US Open at Wingedfoot. Californian natives need to be considered a favorite when the championship is contested on the South Course, which stretches to 7,800 yards after 2019 Reese Jones, updates his ’01 renovation of the original 1957 William Bell design did.

Bowdenhammer said it was time to “consider all scenarios” to put fans in public facilities in the San Diego area without knowing how vaccine and viral mutations would affect general life. He said it was too early. However, he added, the USGA is ready to plan accordingly.

“I think this year we’ve learned that one of the things we certainly know is that we need to be agile and ready to pivot. Therefore, we struggle to create flexibility. I think there are multiple scenarios, “he says. Said. “We can go the way we need it. Many depend on what’s happening in different states, counties, and cities we visit, but there are hopeful signs.”


British Open
July 15-18
Royal St George’s Golf Club, Sandwich, Kent, United Kingdom

Many well-recorded factors influenced R & A’s ability to host the British Open in southern England, leading to the first year without play of the game’s oldest major since 1945.

Martin Slumbers, CEO of R & A, enthusiastically said the cancellation of the opening delayed the venue for the championship, which began with the 150th opening on the old course in St Andrews, Scotland in 2022, by a year. It’s a situation you’re trying to avoid. Royal Liverpool and Royal Troon. “We are very much planning to hold the 149th Open next July,” Slumbers emailed the Golf Digest in response to the possibility of further postponement.

Synchronized with the leaders of other major golf organizations, Slumbers was encouraged by the news of vaccine development, but it was still unclear how that would affect open staging plans.

“We are planning … and we are actively considering the various operational scenarios of the championship, given the continued impact of the COVID-19 pandemic,” he said. “We are very much hoping that the Royal St George’s will be able to offer an open with the full complement of our fans, and the news that the vaccine will be available is very encouraging, but we recognize that the situation is volatile. We will continue our emergency response plan as needed. “

Northern Ireland’s Darren Clarke won the 140th Open at St. George’s in 2011 with three strokes over Dustin Johnson and Phil Mickelson. Shane Lowry has been hosting the Claret Jug since winning an emotional victory at the Royal Portrush in Northern Ireland in 2019.

Currently, 106 players have been exempt from the championship since 2020, and R & A plans to “soon” plan for the remaining 50 slots.

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Where are the 2021 Men’s Major and Ryder Cup preparations?Authorities Share Early Information – New Zealand Golf Digest Where are the 2021 Men’s Major and Ryder Cup preparations?Authorities Share Early Information – New Zealand Golf Digest

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