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In 2013, Jody Arias was convicted of murdering his ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander. Due to the brutal nature of the murder, the prosecution sought the death penalty. Due to the complexity of the sentence process, she was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole until 2015.

Jody Arias hasn’t been sitting in prison exactly quietly since her fate was handed over to her. She has appealed her decision twice and is currently engaged in a public battle with the lawyers involved in her trial, alleging illegal activity on their part.

Her disgust in prison has also attracted media attention.Two of her selmate did something frank and special lifetime, Drawing the aria in a very vicious way. They claimed that Arias tried to inject himself into their romantic relationship and somehow managed to run an art business from within her cell.

Come with us to keep up with all the updates surrounding the Jody Arias case and the subsequent life imprisonment.

Travis Alexander’s murder

On June 4, 2008, Travis Alexander was killed at home. He was stabbed 29 times, his throat was torn from ear to ear, and he had a gunshot wound on his head. Coroner Kevin Horn testified that Alexander had a defensive wound on his hand and may have already died when he was shot.

Initially, Arias denied being at Alexander’s house that day. However, during the investigation, police found a digital camera in the washing machine. They were able to get some of the deleted files and found images of Aria and Alexander engaged in sexual activity on the day of his murder.

The camera also included a photo of Alexander taking a shower, with one of the same men spreading on the bathroom floor in a bloody mess. A bloody bill was in the hallway of the house and contained DNA from both Alexander and Aria. Jodi Arias was arrested in July 2008 and acquitted the indictment.

Arias’ explanation of her involvement, despite her plea Travis Alexander’s murder It has changed over time. Initially, she told police she hadn’t seen Alexander since March of that year and wasn’t in Mesa on the same day as the murder. She later changed the story, saying that two armed men broke into Alexander’s house and attacked both. Today, Arias claims that Alexander was abusing her and she killed him in self-defense.


During the trial, the prosecution was definitely aiming for the death penalty. In an unusual move, Arias stood up to give his testimony. It lasted 18 days. A jury hung when discussing whether to imprison Aria for life imprisonment or to impose the death penalty. The judge declared suspicion at that stage of the process.

In 2014, the retrial of her decision began again. By the end of this stage of the trial, the jury was in a stalemate. Eleven juries voted for the death penalty and only one voted for life imprisonment. The judge then sentenced Aria to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

Arias Legal Team Since then, several appeals have been filed, the latest of which was deliberated in 2020. At this point everything is unsuccessful. However, one of the prosecutors who worked on her case was dismissed in 2020 for leaking the jury’s identity during the trial, in addition to the sexual harassment case that took place in his office.

Life imprisonment today

In prison, Arias Tracy Brown & Donna Van Bering..They were imprisoned at the time on charges of kidnapping and arson, but Brown & Bering lifetime About time to share a cell with Jody Arias. They especially labeled her as “operational”.

In lifetime Special, Jody Arias: The Secret of CelmateBrown & Bering argued that Arias used her beauty and sexuality to manipulate male guards. Brown & Bering, who was involved in a romantic relationship, claimed that Arias sometimes infused himself into their relationship.

During one encounter, Brown and Arias performed a striptease for Bering. The two women claimed that they had never actually had sexual intercourse with Aria, but Jody Aria simply refused to leave the room when they were having sex. Eventually, the couple got married and it was a ceremony held by Arias.

Artwork for sale on eBay

While sitting in jail, Jody Arias spent a lot of time focusing on her artwork. Arias did this while awaiting a ruling, so it was legally impossible to stop her from profiting from the project. Many wondered how Arias could coordinate his operations in the first place.

“”She can access the paper and buy colored pencils, And if she wants to release her property to someone outside, she can. ” Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office It was revealed at that time.

Arias was working with two auctioneers on eBay at the time.according to Forbes, Her current net worth is between $ 1 million and $ 5 million. Despite being moved several times during her imprisonment, Jody Arias is today in Perryville Prison in Goodyear, Arizona.

Where is the murderer Jody Arias today? Learn how she does in jail – Film Daily

https://filmdaily.co/obsessions/true-crime/jodi-arias/ Where is the murderer Jody Arias today? Learn how she does in jail – Film Daily

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