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Kirk Cousins

Throughout the 11 games of 2021, the Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins ​​have been ranked as follows by meaningful quarterback indicators:

➤ 2nd in PFF
➤ 3rd in passer rating
➤ 3rd place in DVOA
➤ 11th in EPA + CPOE
➤ 11th in QBR

Still, if the front office is readjusted, the franchise may move in a different direction. In fact, if the Vikings move from general manager Rick Spielman, the franchise could be rebuilt for the first time since around 2011, assuming Minnesota won’t boost the playoffs significantly in the next two months.

October 14, 2018; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Minnesota Vikings Quarterback Kirk Cousins. Required Credits: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

In that case, your cousin may be traded elsewhere and offload your quarterback salary to another NFL team. Vikings eat $ 10 million in dead caps, while theoretical trading partners will hire cousins ​​and eat $ 35 million in 2022 salaries.

These are fictitious cousin landing points, not a specific order of possibilities. In fact, they are listed alphabetically.

Carolina Panthers

Panthers are confused by quarterbacks. The franchise took a flyer about Sam Darnold and his youthful potential. So far, the experiment has failed.He flat out Not very good.

Then, after Darnold was injured, they signed Cam Newton as a temporary gap. Newton performed some good plays in his “hometown” when he returned home, but that’s it.

If the Panther wants to finish already with Darnold’s sweepstakes, he needs a sharp thrower of football. That’s my cousin.

Otherwise, Carolina will have to choose a rookie quarterback in the 2022 NFL Draft. This is an event that is not currently being advertised for quarterback hegemony.

Denver Broncos

In the general manager’s office, Broncos hosts George Payton, who is associated with the Viking organization. He is a friend of Viking boss Rick Spielman. Denver is trapped in a fight against the AFC West, with Broncos at the top. Finally, you can miss the postseason altogether.

It’s unclear if Teddy Bridgewater is Colorado’s long-term solution. Otherwise, Paton will do quarterback shopping this offseason, as the enthusiasm around Drew Lock, a second-year passerby, also seems dull.

During the 2018 free agent period, his cousin was rumored to be Denver. Denver only needs a football fringer and distributes pig skins to Courtland Sutton, Jerry Judy, Tim Patrick and Noah Fant. You must be able to do that with your buttock cousin.

Full Disclosure: Aaron Rodgers could also be the QB1 landing here.

Houston Texans

Tyrod Taylor gradually returned to the QB2 pumpkin. Davis Mills has the potential to mature into a reasonable quarterback. Or, like Taylor, he can move on to a career reserve player.

One thing is certain: Deshaun Watson’s career in Houston is Caputo. When the Texans finally exchange him (perhaps for the Miami Dolphins), they need to start anew. Cousins ​​landing on a truck in southeastern Texas because he could be a “man” or act as a two-year patchover to his next plan in the quarterback.

Unless Houston is quietly obsessed with Mills, the Texas will need a new quarterback in 2022. And if the Viking wants to start over, his cousin has to go somewhere. These two facts unknowingly merge.

New Orleans Saints

this The idea was spit out already Pioneer press The beginning of the week.

rear Thursday night football Where the saints seemed aggressively stupid against the Dallas Cowboys, New Orleans may want to see the new QB1 in 2022. Cousins-to-New-Orleans needs a little attention.

However, they encountered the same salary cap hell last season and made it work. Therefore, it is not unthinkable for a cousin to trade with a saint.

New Orleans is accustomed to a man who darkens 4,000 to 5,000 yards in the air each season. However, the man, Drew Brees, boarded the sunset known as the announcer booth.

Cousins ​​can duplicate the passing productions that are consistently rendered by Breeze. And with a little guidance from Sean Payton, your cousin will excel in New Orleans.

They could also give Jameis Winston another whirlwind.

Pittsburgh Steelers

You are watching the last 1-2 months of Ben Roethlisberger’s career. Until the last four minutes of the fourth quarter, he stinks. He is buried at the bottom of the league for quarterback production in all metrics. Roethlisberger still writes impressive late-game plays, but the first three-quarters are horrifying.

The Steelers will find a new quarterback in 2022. It’s not Roethlisberger. And the exciting Mason Rudolph is not the savior.

Death, taxes, and rugged Steelers defense. It will go well with your cousin’s resume. The defense of the Washington Football Team in 2015, 2016 and 2017 wasn’t very helpful, and my cousin had to do most of the game wins himself. When he arrived in Minnesota, the Viking defense was excellent for two years (2018 and 2019). In 2020 and 2021, the proud Zimmer defense was weakened.

A cousin who stops at a reputable Steelers organization can recover with its abundant receiving corps and make a difference with Najee Harris.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This may be Tom Brady’s last hurray.

Let’s assume that is true — why will you soon be 45? The Buccaneers Depth Chart will probably retain the talent of many rosters in 2022. The cousin can steer the ship with an attack. He will never be as great as Brady — no one in the world has ever seen — but he will ensure that the Buccaneers stay in pursuit of the NFC playoffs.

Otherwise, Tampa Bay depends on Kyle Trask. And no one knows if he’s something good or another Brady’s successor who doesn’t rush into stardom (Ryan Mallett, Matt Cassel, Jacoby Briss, Brian Hoyer, etc.) ).

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Kirk Cousins ​​has become a Viking today rather than a player on the Washington Football Team

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Where Kirk Cousins ​​could land if the Vikings rebuilt this offseason Where Kirk Cousins ​​could land if the Vikings rebuilt this offseason

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