Where to find butter cake crombo

Butter Cake Krombo is a new creature in Fortnite Chapter 3. Feeding Krombo allows players to level up and acquire more powerful weapons.

Butter cake cron boss Fortnite.. Wildlife Fortnite Introducing wild boars, frogs and dinosaurs, Space Season Chapter 2, Season 6. Since then, new creatures have been added and removed to keep the game interesting. The latest in this batch is Buttercake Klombos. This is a large dinosaur monster that acts passively against the player when not provoked. However, if the player attacks, Klombo can be very deadly and can kill the player with just a few hits.

Finding Klombo is Level up quickly Fortnite.. The introduction of this game also adds milestones, seasons, and weekly challenges related to large dinosaurs. Klombos loves to eat his favorite food, Klomberries. This is a new consumable item everywhere on the map. Eating them will give players a small amount of HP recovery. Feeding Klombo may give players free rewards for some Klomberries.

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Butter cake cronbos like to spawn near water sources, and four of them randomly appear near these bodies of water at the start of every match. The combo is quite large and will appear on the map as the player approaches it. The best place to land to find Klombo is near Chonker’s Speedway.of this Fortnite Named place, Players can find NPCs selling cronberries at the 25 Gold Bar. Apart from the body of water, Klombos can also be spawned in the desert right next to Chonker’s Speedway.

Feed the butter cake crombo at Fortnite

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If you throw a cronberry near the cronbo, the dinosaurs will eat it. After eating it, Klombo fires a random reward from that blowhole. Klombos are very different from other wildlife in the game. It cannot be tamed or controlled and will not follow the player after interacting with the player. Klombos will only attack if it is first attacked.

In the latest milestone challenge of the season, players will need to supply a lot of cronberries to cronbo. Like any milestone challenge, it aims to be completed slowly throughout the season.Players can use Spiderman web shooter As a flip tool, as the player can shake off the surface and move around faster. Chapter 3, Season 1, is scheduled to end on March 19, leaving only a few months to get the most out of the Battle Pass. It is unclear how long the butter cake crombo will remain in the game, so players should complete these challenges as soon as possible.

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Where to find butter cake crombo

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