Where to find candies at Fortnite to complete the Hollowhead quest

If you’re wondering where to find candies in Fortnite, it’s possible that 99 other people in your match are thinking the same.

There is only one place to find Candy in Fortnite during Fortnitemares 2021, but you need to collect a fair amount to clear Hollowhead challenges and earn some new rewards. This is the highlight.

Where to find candies on Fortnite

This year, candies can only be found at Pleasant Park in the northwestern part of the map. Some say it pops up elsewhere, but I’ve only seen it around Pleasant Park. This area is close to the edge of the map, so you’re most likely to look for candies at the start of the round, but these are the most dangerous for high-demand candies.

You will come across it in some outfits. Some of the decorations outside the house include a candy basket. Candy baskets can be bust with a harvesting tool to get multiple pieces at once. More common are individual candies scattered on the sidewalk or scattered throughout the house. I gathered enough to complete the first challenge just by raiding two houses.

You can and should eat candies like any other consumable, but they still count as a requirement. All types restore a small portion of your health, but some offer their own buffs, such as increased speed.

Fortnite Candy-Hollowhead Quest

Other Hollowhead quests include getting kills with the Pumpkin Launcher and landing on a broom. However, after filling out the first round of Hollowhead’s punch cards, there’s still a lot more to do, so plan to get a fair amount of candies in each round.

Besides Hollow Head, Fortnite has many more Halloween actions. Be sure to complete new Dark Jonesey punchard, Ariana Grande quests, and Ghostbuster-themed activities while Fortnitemares is still running.

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