Where to find candies on Fortnite

This month Fortnite Candy is in a specific location on the island. As part of Fortnite mares 2021, if you know where to find candies in Fortnite, you can basically go to trick or treat. Unlike last year, which featured lots of sweets at Holly Hedges, this year Fortnite Candy is in a new location. That’s all you need to know about how to get Fortnite candies and what they do.

Where to find candies on Fortnite

Battle Royale is so sweet this month at all these Fortnite candy locations.

Fortnite candies are located outside some homes in Pleasant Park in Fortnitemares 2021. During the Wrathof the Cube Queen event, which lasts until November 2, you can land inside Pleasant Park and find candies outside many of these formerly quaint dwellings. neighborhood. As I said before, be prepared for the fight every time you land, as the charm of candy attracts many players.

You will want to collect candies as part of the Hollowhead quest. These Fort Nightmare limited-time quests offer some free cosmetics to those who have completed the Pumpkin Head NPC Challenge. If you come across a candy bucket like the one in the image above, break it and pick up the scattered candy.

Different types of candies will be given different buffs. For example, lift pretzels that allow you to fly around the island for a limited amount of time, or spicy gumdrops that speed up like eating pepper in a game.

For now, this neighborhood seems to be the only candy place in Fortnite, but if you eliminate the enemies who have it, you can also hold their candy. Fool them for their treats, and you’ll be well on your way to earn the demands of all Fortnite Candy Hollowheads.

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