Where to Find Weekly 8 Alien Artifs (Season 7)

New alien artifacts can be found and collected weekly in Fortnite Season 7. During the 8th week, players will be able to find 5 artifacts in the named landmarks.

Another new week Fortnite Season 7 means new alien artifacts for players to discover and collect around the map. Alien artifacts Fortnite In Season 7, it acts as a kind of currency. Each futuristic alien artifact canister contains about four artifacts that you can use to purchase new features such as head shapes and armor patterns. Customize Chimera Battle Pass skins.. As with XP coins from previous seasons, the number of alien artifacts added as weekly collectibles is limited.

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During the 8th week of Fortnite In Season 7, players will be able to find 5 new artifacts. Most of them appear outside the center point of the aftermass and in an oval shape. As with Week 7, the alien artifacts in Week 8 are fairly dispersed, and it’s difficult for players to collect one or more in a single match without them. Drive a car like the new Ferrari 296 GTB Or skip the UFO. Here’s where to find all five new alien artifacts in the eighth week of. Fortnite Season 7.

Weekly 8 Fortnite Season 7 Alien Artif Locations

Loki found an alien artifact under the alien tree east of Steel Farm in the sixth week of Fortnite Season 7.

NS Fortnite Season 7 Week 8 Alien artifacts create an ellipse that slopes toward the southeastern side of the map. Most are outdoors and there are at least two things that players need to build small ramps or structures if they want to reach.

Sometimes it’s easiest to collect alien artifacts, such as completing weekly quests FortniteTeam rumble mode.. Many players use this mode to complete a challenge before entering a match. Eliminated players can often respawn and continue working on quests and collections. In addition, each player starts the match with material, eliminating the need to harvest before looking for artifacts that may look higher in the air.

NS Fortnite Alien artifacts for the 8th week of Season 7 can be found at:

Players simply walk to the alien artifact and collect it. Alien artifacts can be collected in almost all game modes except LTM and creative modes.They don’t disappear on weekends and can be collected at any time until the end Fortnite Season 7. Players will be able to purchase new features using Alien Artif in Chimera’s Customize menu.

The only other way to find alien relics Fortnite Season 7 is to receive them as random drops from the Cosmic Chests. Cosmic Chest is a new feature in Season 7 and will only appear in Duo, Trio, and Squad game modes.NS Open a cosmic chest, Team players must alternate between striking the crystals on the outside of the chest at their weaknesses. This is not always a reliable way to get alien artifacts, as drops from cosmic chests are as random as drops from other in-game chests. However, this method complements the alien artifacts that players find each week and helps them quickly access the Kymera skin customizations they need.

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