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When checking a graduate student’s CV or resume, one of the first questions I’m asked is “Which address should I use?” Hopefully I can provide a simple answer, but this question deserves a little conversation and some strategic considerations in most cases.

Why is it so complicated?

Now, let’s first consider the many address options that a person may have. These may include some of the following:

  • The address where the person lives permanently.
  • The address where the person temporarily lives.
  • If you’re moving from place to place, or if you’re homeless, you don’t have an address at all.
  • UConn department address.
  • Addresses of countries or states other than Connecticut.

What suddenly looked like a simple answer may look a little more complicated.

There are some questions that can help you further determine which address to use and when.

Are you applying for a faculty or research position at an academic institution? If the answer is yes, it’s common practice to use the department’s address as the resume address. This is specific to applying for a faculty position and does not apply to other areas of higher education or to other jobs in the industry, government, or nonprofits.

Is the employer (company, government, nonprofit) applying for in the same geographic area as one of the addresses? If the answer is yes, you can use that address to let your employer know that you are a candidate for the area or you currently live in the area.

Are you an employer (company, government, nonprofit) in your country or elsewhere in the world? please do not Do you have an address in the same geographic area? If the answer is yes only If you have the latest profile, please include your email, phone, and LinkedIn URL. The reason for this strategy is that most medium and large employers use the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to scan a candidate’s application material. Employers can set up these systems to review only applicants with a more local address or hiring role in the company. As an example, a Houston, Texas company can configure ATS to prioritize applications that display addresses within Texas, that is, the distance of “X” miles from Houston. Some people think that the lack of an address indicates that the candidate is more likely to work better in the system and is mobile, while others indicate that the lack of an address does not move the candidate. .. This is a tricky scenario because it depends heavily on how your employer configures ATS and is information that your candidates don’t know about. If the employer asks the applicant to submit or offers an option, the willingness and ease of transfer may be addressed with a cover letter.

Are you moving from place to place frequently or are you homeless? If the answer is yes, you can specify the city / town and state where you spend most of your time. If you need to enter your mailing address in order to receive the actual email, please check with your department or department. A trusted family member or friend who uses the ac / o “care of” designation and its address. If a PO Box is available for purchase, it may be an additional option and costs can vary widely from place to place.

Resume and resume addresses are rarely used for mailing purposes, but are more often used to inform employers of your location. Depending on your particular situation, you may or may not use a different address. In most cases, it is no longer expected to include a mailing address on your resume or resume, but it is very likely that additional requests for this information will be made in other areas of your online application. ..

So which address do you need to use? The most strategically meaningful, if possible.

Which address should I use on my resume or resume? – UConn Center for Career Development Which address should I use on my resume or resume? – UConn Center for Career Development

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