Which character are you based on your constellation?

Some series succeed with the strength of their writing, but some succeed with the unforgettable characters they create. Somehow Chair You can do both with a cast that perfectly embodies their character, creating men and women who are completely complex humans rather than just stereotypes.By doing so, it joins the ranks of The best college comedy It was made.

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These are people who have many motivations to act in their way, and seeing them through the zodiac gives them an additional layer of meaning and nuance, and in some cases explains their actions. Helps to do.

Jiyun: Taurus (Libra Rising)

Chair Sandra Oh

Jiyun (Sandra Oh) is the prestigious chairman and is responsible for rehabilitating her failed English department. She is responsible for what she believes, especially in the face of serious opposition from those in power who control her, and repeatedly shows many characteristics related to Aries in her willingness and ability to stand up. Sandra Oh, Someone who has many powerful roles in her acting resumeInfuse this character with intense intelligence and courage that will allow her to finally win.

Given that Libra is always pursuing all senses of balance, it makes sense for Jiyun to fall into this constellation as well. After all, she has to balance many competing interests in her institution and overcome conflicts between the various faculties of her faculty, the dean and her wife, and her students. .. daughter.

Yaz McKay: Taurus (Scorpio Rising)

Nana Mensah as Netflix Chair Yaz-McKay

The character Yaz McKay (Nana Mencer) occupies a messy place at the fictional Pembroke College. She will be the first black woman to chair the English department. Given this, she’s lucky to be in Taurus, and she pushes back when faced with stubbornness and a faculty member who refuses to change the way things are done despite failure to register. I am determined to make it possible. She also has enough independence to know that she may have to leave Pembroke altogether.

Scorpio is one of the best-known signs of their bravery and determination, both of which are features that Yaz McKay has abundantly. She recognizes that she has to do twice as much work, mostly as a black woman in a white institution, so she not only makes wise choices about where to publish (first-class journals), but also works hard. It also ensures that it works. To keep her registration firmly.

JuJu: Gemini (Leorizing)

Juju sitting on a chair table and laughing

A feature of Gemini is that it becomes a social butterfly and can easily move between different groups. That’s what Jiyun’s daughter Juju (Every Calganilla) can do. She is interested in making friends with almost everyone, whether it’s a Korean family or Bill, a friend of her mother. But she also has the Gemini character of showing two different people to different audiences. So she’s good for Bill, but often tough for her mother.

Juju has many of Gemini’s characteristics, but she is also very Leo. She knows what she wants and is determined to get it without throwing any number of tantrams. In addition, it is clear from the way she interacts with others, especially Bill, that she has the attribute of Leo that she always wants (or needs) to be the focus of attention (others). No matter how busy a person is).

Elliott Lenz: Cancer

Bob Balaban of Elliott Lenz, chair of Netflix

Cancer can be very compassionate people, but it can also be stubborn and self-pity, and Elliott Lenz (Bob Balaban) shows both sides of this dynamic. He is very considerate of his wife, but despite his registration being a crater, he refuses to change anything about his teachings and pedagogy.

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Instead of examining himself, he sees himself as a victim and shows a tendency for cancer to blame others, especially Yaz (although to be fair). The best thing he does To act as a TA for Yaz for a while).

Joan Hambling: Virgo (Aquarius Rising)

Holland Taylor, Joan Hambling, Netflix Chair

Holland Taylor’s Joan Hambling is one of the senior faculty members facing the possibility of early retirement, but she is as stubborn as Virgo. She sometimes becomes emotional, but most of the time she has the motivation and ability to take a rational approach to the problem. It finds out who is leaving offensive comments on the rating website and trying to get a better office. At the same time, she also tends to be a ruthless Virgo, as seen when she turns her back on Jiyun and helps remove her from the chair position.Just like Taylor’s character Helen Hollywood, People who are often underestimated, Joan should not be underestimated.

Just as Joan’s Virgo tendencies make her take a practical approach to life, her Aquarius stuff makes her very independent. As a woman who had to fight academy sexism, she is not afraid to stick for her rights. Especially now she is in the stage of her career and realizes that it is not too far professionally to give up. .. And she also tends to be a little quirky Aquarius, such as when she goes to the library in disguise to find that nasty student.

Build Buson: Sagittarius (Pisces rise)

Jay Duplass as Netflix Chairman Bill Dobson

Sagittarius is one of the most favorable signs of the zodiac. In fact, it’s almost impossible to dislike Sagittarius. So Bill Dobson (Jay Duplass) fits perfectly. Despite the fact that he is a little confused-tends to make irresponsible choices of all kinds-in most cases he is popular with his students. He also has the Sagittarius character of being very obsessive and spontaneous, sometimes at his own disadvantage.

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Pisces are very affectionate people and sometimes fall into their own fall. Because when a loved one dies, they often take self-destructive behavior and find it difficult to move on. That’s what happens in Bill, who is struggling throughout the series to really recover from the fact that his wife died and his daughter moved to college. Fortunately, like most Pisces, he is very adaptable and by the end of the series he is ready to challenge college to get his job back.

Dean Larson: Capricorn

David-Morse as Netflix Chair Paul-Larson

Dean Larson (David Morse), as a member of the administration, is always on the lookout for profits, and he always has the greatest interests of the university sincerely (or anyway, the trustee). He is sometimes very ruthless, such as when he asks Jiyun to understand which of her colleagues will be forced into early retirement. He has Capricorn self-discipline, but he also tends to hate autographs quite a bit.

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